2006 Concert Log


January 13th, 2006 June/theAUDITION Nashville, TN


January 18th, 2006 June Indianapolis, IN


January 23rd, 2006 theAUDITION Louisville, KY


February 11th, 2006 June/Hawthorne Heights/Anberlin Urbana, IL


February 12th, 2006 The Starting Line Columbus, OH


February 13th, 2006 Paramore/Halifax Columbus, OH


February 27th, 2006 theAUDITION/Mae/Lovedrug Covington, KY


March 4th, 2006 Ellison/Landen Falls Forest Park, OH


March 8th, 2006 June Cleveland, OH


March 22nd, 2006 The Academy Is/Panic! Columbus, OH


March 23rd, 2006 The Academy Is/Panic! Cincinnati, OH


April 5th, 2006 Jacks Mannequin Greencastle, IN


April 18th, 2006 Justin Skelly/Ingram Hill/Michael Tolcher Nashville, TN


April 24th, 2006 theAUDITION Covington, KY


April 26th, 2006 June/The Format Birmingham, AL


April 27th, 2006 Spitalfield Dayton, OH


May 4th, 2006 Amber Pacific Akron, OH


May 6th, 2006 Plain White Ts Western Connecticut State Univ, CT


May 7th, 2006 June Oswego, NY


May 8th, 2006 June/The Forecast Cleveland, OH


May 19th, 2006 June/The Forecast Washington DC


May 20th, 2006 June/The Forecast Baltimore, MD


May 21st, 2006 June Tower Records Instore Richmond, VA


May 21st, 2006 June/The Forecast/Dear Whoever Richmond, VA


May 22nd, 2006 Cartel/Hit The Lights Covington, KY


May 27th, 2006 UnderOATH Kettering, OH


June 5th, 2006 My American Heart/Lorene Drive Covington, KY


June 7th, 2006 June/Just Surrender/Junior Varsity St. Louis, MO


June 16th, 2006 Warped Tour  (Working for Victory Records) Columbus, OH


June 21st, 2006 Warped Tour (Working for Victory Records) Nashville, TN


June 24th, 2006 Dear Whoever Kent, OH


June 25th, 2006 Action Action/The Matches Columbus, OH


July 26th, 2006 Warped Tour  (Working for Victory Records) Cincinnati, OH


July 27th, 2006 Warped Tour (Working for Victory Records) Pittsburgh, PA


August 13th, 2006 Forgive Durden/Saosin Covington, KY


August 15th, 2006 June Columbus, OH


August 16th, 2006 June Indianapolis, IN


September 23rd, 2006 The Junior Varsity Chicago, IL


October 20th, 2006 June Crown Point, IN


October 22nd, 2006 June Madison, WI


November 11th, 2006 Plain White Ts [Nintendo Fusion Tour] Chicago, IL


November 12th, 2006 The Sleeping Instore Chicago, IL


December 1st, 2006 Close To Home Kinilsworth, IL


December 2nd, 2006 June/The Junior Varsity Bloomington, IL


December 23rd, 2006 June/The Junior Varsity/Quietdrive Chicago, IL