This was the last concert that i went to on OCT. 15th in the year 2000. Also part of the This time around 2000 tour. This was also the tie for my favorite concert! The concert was primarily the most fun, because of who i went with! This time i finally got to meet Holly from I was somewhat scared to meet her, because i was afraid she thought i was a total dork........which i am.......but i didn't know if that would be kewl. The fear that she was some strange gurl from the internet never came in my head though. Just because she was part of I was just afraid, she wouldn't really like me. Or she would think i was insane at the hanson concert. In short...none of that happened.
WHen she came over, we sat very shortly in my room, as she showed me all the pics of her with her stars. She's met like everyone guys! lol. Then we went in the car, and started our long journey (3 hours not that long!) I felt bad for holly because she was like in the car all day! lol. The whole way there we sang hanson, and talked, and talked. HOLLY IS QUITE! She's trying to convince me that she's not really.... yeah right. hehe. Lol, love yas holly!
The whole time i was soooo happy. I was seeing hanson again, in about a month's span. It already seemed way too long. When we got there, the whole place was lit up, with lights. We hopped out of the car. For some reason, i'm always amazed with all of the people that like hanson. Like wilkes was sold out... and i couldn't even imagine that. For some reason itz like...I'm the only hanson fan. Because thatz how it is for me around here. Anyways, we made it through the people, and we started to run through the hallways. This place i think, was more impressive than even wilkes barre's place! It was amazing! A REAL palace. Everything was like gold. And me and holly were hanging onto each other, because we felt like we were going to get lost with all of these people. We took a grand tour of the place, and it was sooooo impressive. We also tried to sell my extra tix, which were 14th row...but no one wanted them. GRRRRRRR.
Finally we get adjusted in our 14th row seats, and M2M come out. Me and Holly were both like...yay. We stood up for the first two songs. Then for some reason....we didn't want to anymore. lol. So we sat. We were tired, and lacking the strength to stand for that long! M2M has pretty designs on the curtains. Let me tell you....because thatz all i could see sitting down! So we sat there, being amazed by the curtain lights for awhile. (hehe remember holly PRETTY LIGHTS...WAIT THEY'RE GOING TO CHANGE!!!! WAIT WAIT!)
After i went down to the front row to look for my friend who had tickets up there! I hadn't seen her yet and i knew she was there. I didn't know what she looked like, so i wanted to see. So we stood beside this gurl, and screamed LIZY!!!!!!!!!! (also a member!) And she didn't answer. The gurl beside me looked at me weird. She had a big brother looking type beside i figured it was prolly her. It ends up it was....but i didn't know that at the time. So then we go off to the side off the stage. We sit there. No one was moving us. No one even asked us where we were supposed to be. So....we stayed. There was this one chair...that no one sat in....but there was a whole bunch of crap that was there. So i stood there, pretending that it was my chair. The gurl beside me looked at me strange, because she knew i didn't belong there. I decided just not to talk to her, and pretend like i did belong there. The seat beside that...there was none. It looked like there was a chair missing. Because they had a seat in front of it, and behind it. So she stood there, pretending that there was a seat there. Hanson came out. I went crazy....holly went crazy! It was kewl.
Hanson putt on a great concert, and i shook tay's hand once more...and holly did twice...grrrrrr. LoL. They cut the concert short, because they had a lot of people that need to go back stage. That annoyed me. LOL. Every five minutes the guards when come up, and yell at people to go back to there seats, and they'd ask them, if that's where they were supposed to be. These were people in like tenth row!!! Everytime we would tense up, and get scared, that they would push us back! We were EXTREMEMLY lucky though We never got moved, so we were in front the whole time. Instead of 14th...i say thatz pretty good. I got two rolls of film from that concert. They weren't that great. But Holly took 3 rolls. We got doubles for each other too! So we got like soooo many pics! And one you can see down tay's shirt! It was great.
ON the way home, we were quiet...thinking about how great it was. Otay i wasn't that quiet....i was loud. it takes a lot to make me quiet!!We were also at the tour buses looking for them. We saw Zac, and we waved. And we met the little hanson babysitter. She was nice. lol.
Other than that i don't know what to say. IT was a GREAT concert. I miss hollY! And hopefully we get to see each other again! We're even closer now too, because of the concert. ITz awesome! I MISS HANSON, AND I WISH THEY WOULD COME BACK TO PA!!!!!!!! I LOVE HANSON FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!