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Hanson Toon
 - semi color

Voldemort toon
 - synopsis

  A little about Bubblicious

     Bubblicious is the sticky sweetness that holds the world together in flavorful fun.  The future Bubblicious Productions will hold flash and comics for the viewing pleasure.  If Bubblicious gum is to contact me the back up name is Jellipop Productions. 


  About me!

 Name: Nikki Sampson
Age: 20

School: ITT Tech for Multimedia

Interests: Entertaining others, art, laughter, music, drawing, writing, reading

Status: Taken by Steve

 "Make Your Own Kind of Music" - Bubblicious

  Random special thanks to Marisa, Nick, and Justin for amusing me and Nick for attempting to teach me how to use programs I know nothing about but will learn in the coming months.  And thanks to Tim for helping me with programs and everything. 

See you on mIRC, Myspace, and!