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Lost Without Each Other (working title)

(it's still a little iffy)


The story begins shortly after Harry uses the portkey at the end of book 4. Voldemort is left angered by his loss so in hopes of cheering him up, Peter Pettigrew, informs him that in his absence he had become a father shortly after his near death experience. A few months prior to the incident the death eaters had been poking fun at Lord Voldemort on his lack of ever being with a girl so in an attempt to prove his sexuality they attended a muggle frat party where he hooked up with a drunk girl named Josie. Although a one night stand, Josie became pregnant and soon learned about her one night boyfriend’s true life and became horrified of the fact of possibly having a magical child. She knew of one magical based witch so after giving birth tracked down the local “witch” and handed the child over and explained the situation as politely as she could. The witch was Bellatrix Black, who did not appreciate the demoralization of her leader, took the child willingly and told off Josie. The baby was named “Marlena” and taken under the wing of Bellatrix Black and placed into hiding to protect the child. She taught the child the way of the Death Eaters and placed her in Hogwarts in hope of teaching her magic.
When word of Lord Voldemort’s revival was announced; Bellatrix brought the girl to see him. Little did they know was that Marlena had her own interesting opinions as to the way things are run.


Voldemort: The evil Lord Voldemort has returned to power. He’s dark yet, slightly confused by a new array of outcomes from the past coming into play after his rebirth that his followers had kept from him for years in fear of upsetting him in his bodiless state.  He's fierce with about as much parenting experience as a twig

Marlena: Daughter of Voldemort and a muggle former college student named Josie. She is bubbly, bundle of energy. She has her mother’s personality and her father’s cunning nature. She has been attending Hogwarts while living with Bellatrix Black. She attends Hogwarts in the class of Slytherin due to her family line being so strong. She also has a crush on Harry and often foils her father’s plans to protect him.

Peter Pettigrew: After reviving his leader he then became permanent babysitter to Marlena. He’s often a coward and afraid of disappointing his master (and his daughter) but shows an uncanny desire to Lord Voldemort that he confides in Marlena.

Bellatrix Black: Self proclaimed mother of Marlena. She raised her since she was about 3 weeks old and trained her on the ways of magic. Although malevolent, when it comes to Marlena she treats her like a princess due to her father’s high position but secretly cannot stand her.