Hanson.net 2.0: A Year In Review
by Debra (dfs915@hanson.net)

We've come a long, long way since the first day of Hanson.net 2.0. In one short year, we've shared much new information on Hanson and their career, new photos, videos, song clips, tour reviews, a Hanson chat, and, most importantly, NEW MUSIC!! Here are some of the highlights of the first year of Hanson.net 2.0.

FEBRUARY: Hanson.net 2.0 is Unveiled!

February 20: This was the first day we were able to convert from Hanson.net 1.0 to Hanson.net 2.0. By the end of the day, more than 1,000 of us had converted!

February 21: Our first day of Hanson.net 2.0! We found a clip from the new never-before heard song "Deeper". The videos from the Documentary were in the Media section. There were new photos, new wallpaper, new postcards. Taylor welcomed us to the new site by updating FUTY on this first day with "HANSON.NET 2.0!"

February 22: We get our first exclusive Hanson news on Hanson.net! Hanson made a surprise appearance at a charity fund raiser held at B'nai Emunah Synagogue in Tulsa, and we read about it first on Hanson.net!

February 28: Tulsa-area Hanson.net Members were able to attend an exclusive show to listen to some of the new tunes. Photos were later posted on the site.

MARCH: The New Site is Up and Running

March 9: New FUTY posted, "Long Time No Talk"

March 15: Three "Ask Hanson" questions were answered.

March 17: New FUTY called "Member packet"

March 18: New FUTY: "Final Mixes Done for H.net E-CD" One more "Ask Hanson" question was answered.

March 27: The first issue of H.Notes appears on the site.

March 31: A new FUTY is posted to celebrate three years of Hanson.net: "Happy Birthday Hanson.net"

APRIL: An Important Announcement

April 2: Hanson updates FUTY with "E-CD Progress"

April 7: Isaac updates FUTY with a post called "Hey all"

April 19: Zac updates FUTY with "Shocking But True"

April 25: Hanson in the Studio Announcement

April 29: H.Notes issue 2

MAY: The Hanson.net Membership Kit Arrives

May: The all-new Hanson.net membership kit is released and mailed to Hanson.netters! The kit includes a CD with five new Hanson songs, five video clips, a MOE archive, and software; and a Hanson.net membership card.

May 4: Taylor updates FUTY with "Yo to all. Happy SUMMERTIME". Two "Ask Hanson" questions are answered

May 6: A new FUTY is posted: "HAPPY HANSON DAY!!!"

May 8: Photos are posted of Hanson in the Studio with Danny Kortchmar

May 11: Taylor updates FUTY after playing with Bob Weir's band, Ratdog, in Tulsa, with "Rat Dog T Town"

May 12: Taylor updates FUTY again with a thank you note for "Ezra's quilt". One "Ask Hanson" question was answered.

May 13: Isaac updates FUTY with "Changes to Reviews Section"

May 20: Isaac talks about the movie X2 in a new FUTY

May 29: H.Notes issue 3!

JUNE: The Concert for LIFEBeat: a Preview of What's To Come!

June 5: Zac updates FUTY: "Getting ready for what is to come."

June 13: New FUTY promises "EXTRA, EXTRA --- Summer Tour Coming --- "

June 15: Two "Ask Hanson" questions were answered

June 23: Isaac updates FUTY with "Backstage @ LIFEbeat"
New FUTY from Hanson: "Acoustic Tour"
Two more "Ask Hanson" questions were answered

June 25: Member review of Lifebeat concert by Angeltay.

June 28: H.Notes issue 4!


July 1: New FUTY called "The Acoustic '03 Tour"

July 4:Tour dates announced!

July 6: Recording session for Underneath Acoustic in Tulsa, with fans picked from Hanson.net!

July 11: First concert presales.
Isaac updates FUTY about their upcoming appearance on "Jay Leno"
Another new FUTY tells us about "Underneath Acoustic"

July 12: Video clips posted from Tulsa Recording session

July 22: A new FUTY from Isaac is posted called "Leno/Underneath Acou./H.net Reviews"

July 31: A new issue of H.Notes is posted, and two new dates are added

AUGUST: The Tour Begins!

August 1: HCL application period begins

August 2: FUTY from Hanson: "To HCL and H.net Members"
One "Ask Hanson" question answered
August 4: Seven new tour dates are listed!

August 5: The Music History Lesson is posted on the site.

August 10: Underneath Acoustic is available in the new H.net store!

August 11: The Tour Journal makes its debut. Members are invited to post their concert reviews.

August 12: First two H.net Reports: Baltimore report, by Camisa, and Philadelphia repor, by Ravehanson!

August 14: H.Net store is sold out of the first pressing of Underneath Acoustic!
Boston repor by LaHomeGirl1, and New York repor, by Hanfan007 are posted.
Isaac sends "Hey From Mtv" FUTY

August 17: Albany report by Hansonhost posted.
Isaac says "Hey from the Road" in FUTY.

August 19: Official Street Team applications are available on Hanson.net!

August 21: The Detroit report by Jwayfare is posted.
Audio clips from Underneath Acoustic are added to the site.
Four new dates are added to the tour!

August 22: The Chicago report by Rebel is posted.

August 24: Minneapolis report by Starkissez is posted.

August 27: Denver report by MMM_Kimmy appears on the site, as does Las Vegas report by Devoted2zac.

August 30: The San Francisco report by Blackdog is posted, along with the First Los Angeles report by Angeltay.

August 31: We end the month with a brand new issue of H.Notes!

SEPTEMBER: The Tour is in Full Swing!

September 1: Hanson wish us "Happy Labor Day" in FUTY

September 2: Second Los Angeles report by Rena75.
Anaheim report by Tlcstrsurs.
New roster of HCLs is posted!

September 6: Tempe report by Fruglefrat.

September 7: First Hanson.net Meet and Greet at Reno concert

September 8: Palo Alto report by Qman.
San Diego report by Sairell.

September 9: Crazychica wins two tickets to Dallas show!

September 10: Reno report by Kstelly.

September 15: Portland report by Ginuwine_qt69.
Isaac updates FUTY with "Hey From Dallas"

September 17: Seattle report by Suzzie.
Boise report by Boisebopper.
Salt Lake City report by TheYoungOne.

September 21: Dallas report by Hitz_ashley.
Austin report by Mypuffbroc.
Houston report by Ihave10toes.

September 24: New Orleans report by Imafanson.
Taylor says, "Thanks for rocking the acoustic shows!!!" in FUTY
One "Ask Hanson" question answered

OCTOBER: An Important Press Release, as the Tour Continues

October 1: Carnegie Hall concert announced. Hanson.net posted a report on the Press Conference by Answeringbell.
H.Notes posted!

October 9: First Tour videos posted! Misery and MMMBop

October 10: Two new tour videos: Being Me and This Time Around.

October 11: Videos: Lost Without Each Other and Rip It Up.

October 12: Toronto report by Merchant.
Tour videos posted: Crazy Beautiful and Teach Your Children.
Hanson have their first Official Hanson.net 2.0CHAT at 7:00 PM ET.

October 13: Tour videos: Call Me and Lulla Belle.
Buffalo tour report

October 14: The Last tour video

October 17: Cleveland tour report by Littlenicola.

October 18: Isaac says "Hey From London" in FUTY, while Taylor updates FUTY with "The Carnegie experience".

October 19: Cincinnatti tour report by Kim22.
Alexandria tour report by Albmoetane.

October 25: London tour reportby Cheli.

NOVEMBER: Carnegie Hall and the Chicago Taping

November 2: H.Notes!

November 3: Orlando tour report by Missathekissa12.
Atlanta tour report by Shelleybeane.
Zac updates FUTY with "Nov. 5th "The Last Acoustic Show"

November 8: Hanson tell us about "Rockin' Carnegie Hall" in FUTY
Four "Ask Hanson" questions answered

November 11: Hanson single download for charity (Teach Your Children)

November 15: New FUTY: "Next stop THE WORLD"
Three "Ask Hanson" questions answered

November 22: Isaac reassures us in FUTY with "I am doing fine."
MOE back issues added to the Hanson.net store

November 25: Two "Ask Hanson" questions answered

DECEMBER: Happy Hanson.net Holidays

December 1: The holiday issue of H.Notes is posted!

December 21: Hanson wish us "yoyoyo happy holidays" in FUTY and suggest some holiday music gift-giving ideas.

December 22: Holiday video from Hanson!

December 26: In new FUTY called "Happy Holidays", Hanson tell us about their holiday greeting on the Hotline.

December 30: The last FUTY of the year 2003 is called "New Years Eve 2003"

JANUARY: Preparing for a New Year and a New Album

January 1: We welcome in 2004 with a new issue of H.Notes!

January 3: The first FUTY of the new year,"New Phantom Planet", is from Isaac.

January 9: Isaac updates FUTY again with "Happy New Year... it's really cold"

January 27: Another new FUTY: "Underneath is coming!"

FEBRUARY: Tokyo and the Middle of Everywhere

February 1: A new H.Notes!

February 2: Isaac tells us about the Penny and Me Video in FUTY

February 7: News release about Penny and Me video

February 9: Pictures from Penny and Me are posted at Hanson.net.

February 11: Presales for five new 2004 shows in the U.S.

February 12: Japan tour review by Hotb.
Japan tour review by Keiko.
Japan tour review by Yuka.