From Lauren <3 Jen is goddess. She is a fabby girloid who enjoys nature walks and sightseeing. SCRAP THAT. Jen, is a Hanson whore.... she loves Isaac and likes to find him in compromising situations, aka just out of the shower. She is a haven of Hanson information and this can come in quite handy. She is also a Harry Potter whore, and is coming to stay in my Hanson Hive (my house!) whenever JK gets off her ass and releases the 7th book. Jen is a sweetie. x ------------------------------------------ From Ang Nerdyness ohhh what can you say about nerd? (nerd, in fact, is a nickname that we've given ourselves and NO ONE but myself can call jen nerd!) first off, she is quite nerdy. she loves to read. mostly fun girly books by british authors, but you can't forget her biggest book passion! HARRY FREAKING POTTER. she's a HUGE nerd, folks. she loves those dang ol' books. ask her any sort of harry potter trivia and i bet she'd know the answer to it. but ohh no. we cannot leave out what jen loves most in the world: ME! (aaaha, just playing)... HANSON! talk about being a fan. how many hanson tattoos? how many concerts? how many times did she stalk them? I MEAN meet them? she loves herself some hanson. but all around, nerd is a good kid. she's great to hang out with (even if only for a little while after a concert, because she got stuck in traffic and new york and got lost in new jersey) and fun to talk to online. and i love her because she's my nerd <333333333 ------------------------------------------ From Lacy Good first impressions, hates cheese, intolerant of tequila, curious about penis sizes, kicked my ass a pool when I was sober and she could barely stand ------------------------------------------ From Emily (Thing 2) Jen is one of my very best friends even though we live far away from one another. She's hilarious and I love her for who she is. Sometimes I wish she could just see what I see in her. ------------------------------------------ From Ness (one of my favorite aussie girls!) oh jen...she loves hanson...and bawls like a baby but i still love her! dude we had a hell of a time! thanks to that damn hurricane we missed out on 2 hanson concerts, but got to drive around the country instead which was a blast!! you are the funniest person ever! and hopefully we can meet up again...wanna send me money so i can come vist you??? hehehehe but all in all jen is the coooooooooolest!!!!! love ya babe!!! ------------------------------------------ From Amy (mah evil bitch!) Jen is my evil Bitch. We've known each other for one heck of a long time, and she's got to be one of the funiest chick i've met in my entire life! JenJen My Evil Sista Bitch.... you rock. hard. You've been there for so long, just listening to me fucking whine about guys, you were there when we would get into major fights with Shelley, you were there when things would fuck with Z boy, OR when things we're doing freaking well, you were always there for me, and i hope that you felt like i was there for you too! I love you Bitch!