The three girls just smiled..Jen had the biggest smile. The boys just smiled back, Zac the biggest knowing he could just go up and take Jen into his arms. Tay and Ike however were anxious to get the girls alone to be able to hold and kiss them as they pleased. Zac was busy thinking of how great it is going to be to be able to kiss her and it actually be okay. Zac just stood taking Jen in...the way she looked. I missed her so much. Id forgotten how beautiful she is Zac thought. There were load screams coming from all around the poor girls causing Cor, Mel and Jen to cover their ears and move away from the anxious girls.

Zac dropped his bags and walked over to Jen. He stood facing her a couple seconds the wrapped his arms around her in a giant hug and whispered I missed you so much" into her ear He pulled away and looked into her eyes. Fans gasped and some had begun to softly cry. The radio was giving a moment by moment commentary on the events.

Just kiss me Jen whispered.

Zac smiled and leaned in and began to give her a soft kiss. All the fans gasped at once and you could hear the ones in the back asking people what happened and hear people answer Zac is kissing that girl

Zac pulled away and hugged Jen again. I love you Zac giggled. He turned to see some fans smiling being happy for him and happy not seeing Tay or Ike do what Zac did, he saw some crying and some mad. He waved and most girl smiled and waved back. Somehow over the screams you could hear the DJ. Yes girls you heard me right..Zac has just kissed a girl right here in the Colorado Springs Airport. We have gotta find out who this girl is. Here is the latest Hanson single

Come on guys...lets get out of here Tay had walked up to Zac and Jen. They nodded and began to walk out. Girls began to follow and spy on the guys...esp Jen and Zac who were lovingly holding hands. Zac let go of Jens hand and put his arm around her waist pulling her closer to him and him kissing the side of her head. Zac placed his hand in Jens back pocket and Jen did the same to Zac. Tay could just look on envious. Damn...why cant I just have a normal life so I can do that too Tay thought.

Suddenly they all heard a stampede coming their way. Ike looked back and saw hundreds of girls rushing toward them. RUN Ike yelled as he took off running grabbing Mel. The other 5 looked back to see the girls and began to run. They quickly ran through the airport...dodging people and carts trying not to run people over.

Where are we running too? Zac asked seeing they had no where to go

Where ever looks safe Tay yelled as he looked back to see the girls frantically trying to catch up. Turn here Tay pointed and ran through the doors out to the baggage claim. They saw people turn to see them run and even heard a couple. Look!! Its Hanson and have them start chasing them too.

They quickly ran outside. Wheres your car? Zac asked.

Right over there Jen pointed and they all ran quickly toward it. Jen pulled out her keys and hit the unlock button. They all opened the doors and jumped into the Explorer. Jen quickly started the engine and pulled the car out of the parking lot...breathing hard and sweating.

Wow...that was scary Mel sighed laying her head on Ikes shoulder. Ike put his arm around her and pulled her close.

Yeah tell me about it. If they could I think some wouldve tried to kill Jen Tay commented.

Tell me about it but if they had layed a finger on her they wouldve been the ones killed


Well maybe not killed but hurt.

Thats better Tay laughed. staying with us tonight or at the hotel? Jen asked so she would know where to go.

I wanna stay with you

I was hoping youd say that Jen continued on her way to their house. She glanced in the rear-view mirror to see tons of cars following her every move. I think were being followed

Tay turned and also noticed the cars. Crap..their going to know where you live!

Yeah...thank goodness we have gates now at our house. Jen pulled up to the house, pushed the button to open the gates and quickly drove in. Some how, a car full of 16 year old girls managed to get in behind them too. They followed the six and parked behind them. Hanson and their girlfriends got out of the Explorer and went to the car.

Your going to have to leave..this is private property.

We just wanted to say that we think you guys are awesome and its about time Zac got a girlfriend She looked over at Zac and Jen who were leaning on the wall by the door engaged in a kiss.


Well..were gonna go now. Bye The girls pulled away. Tay had noticed they took a picture before they finally drove off.

Oh well...come on..Im hungry Tay walked to the door, waiting for one of the girls to unlock it.

Oh fine Jen finally gave in unlocking the door and letting Tay run in to the kitchen to grab a bag of chips.

You wanna eat here or go out to eat? Mel asked.

I dont long as Im with you Ike answered

I dont care Tay answered in between bites.

Lets just fix something here Zac suggested

Good idea Corie agreed.

Ike your good at bar-b-que Zac said you fix dinner

Yeah you and Mel could do it together Jen said as Zac kissed her neck.

Oh you two get a room. And Ill fix dinner. us when its ready Zac said as he grabbed Jens hand and pulled her hurriedly up the stairs. When they were all the way up the stairs and out of Ike, Mel, Cor, and Tays view, Zac pulled Jen close and began to softly kiss her, opening his mouth slightly to allow his tongue to move into her mouth. Somehow...Jen managed to lead Zac into the main room of her part of the house. Zac stopped kissing her for a second and looked into her eyes.

I have been waiting for this for a long time. I missed you so much

I missed you too Zac Jen smiled as she grabbed his hand and slowly lead him into her room. Zac obediently followed knowing what was in store.

Once they were inside her room, Zac picked Jen up and softly layed her on the bed and slowly lowered himself on top of her, kisses her sweetly. You sure you wanna do this? Zac asked.

Yes Im sure

Because I dont want to rus... Zac was interrupted by Jens kiss.

You talk to much Jen laughed once she finished with the kiss

That was incredible

Ditto. Im all sweaty though.

Well..why dont you take a bath or shower

Good idea. Jen layed there for a while before getting up and walking to her bathroom. Zac followed.

Wow! Thats a big tub!

Yep...big enough for two Jen hinted.

Id love to join you

Jen went and ran the water while Zac put bubbles into the water. Jen got in first, then Zac who sat in between her legs laying his head on her shoulder. Jen washed his chest as the two layed there in complete bliss.

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