Jen started to approach her when Corie took off her headphones, Jen is that you?

Hey whats up Corie!! How was the flight?

It was fine...what about yours? she asked right as someone covered Jens eyes scaring her to pieces.

Guess who???? a strange voiced spoke. Jen thought it at first it was Melissa. velissas flight however wasnt due in for another hour.

Who is this? Jen asked almost in shock.

Its me...Melissa

Melissa...but I thought your flight didnt get here until an hour later!!

I took an earlier flight to surprise you guy.

Thats cool..Hey Melissa..whats up? Corie was happy to finally have all three friends together.

Good. Lets go get our stuff...our luggage claims are right next to each other. Melissa requested.

Yeah okay, Jen said.

They all got their luggage and went to find a shuttle. All their big luggage had already been moved to their new house. That way it was less for them to carry. They all got in the shuttle and told the driver where they were going and off they went to start their new lives in Colorado Springs.

It was a long drive to their new house...longer than expected..but when they got there they realized it was worth the wait. When they got out of the shuttle bus...before them was a big beautiful two story house with stone walls and a huge beautiful yard. They ran up leaving the driver to get their bags out of the van. Corie quickly took her key from her pocket and unlocked the door with anticipation. Once was the coolest house ever!! All their new furniture had been delivered and set up in just the perfect manner. They ran upstairs to see where thier rooms were. All the bedrooms were great. They each had a window seat and its own bathroom with a big tub. Big enough for two. *wink wink* (we know that those are for!!) Jen looked out her bedroom window and saw the swimming pool in the back yard. She ran down the hall to Corie who was busy going through her room to see what everything was like. Hey Corie, Jen said excitedly Weve got the best pool! Come look!

They both ran downstairs being followed by Melissa who had come in just as Jen mentioned the pool. There beyond a glass sliding door was the biggest and most beautiful pool in the world. It had a hot tub and a deck around it. It was perfect.

All of a sudden Melissa remembered the driver Hey guys we havent paid the driver yet. Dont worry Ill get it...lets go get the rest of our luggage.

They all walked outside down the long walkway made of bricks and got the rest of their luggage anc carried it up to their rooms and begin to unpack everything to get more settled in. This was going to be a good way to start a new life here in Colorado Corie thought as she set up her Hanson stuff on the dresser.

They all finished un packing at about 7 pm and decided to go get some food. So the jumped in Jens Explorer and went around the town to find a place to eat. All their cars had already been delivered to the house so they wouldnt have to worry about anything. Melissa had a Mustang and Corie had a Mercedes MC.

They found a local Mexican food place close to home and decided to eat there to see what it was like. They all ordered and found the food to be excellent and marked it one of their favorite places to dine. Then they drove around to find where Hanson would be performing in three weeks. It turned out to be only a ten minute walking distance to the house. Perfect...that way they didnt have to worry about finding a parking space for the concert...they could just walk.

They returned home to have their first night in their new house. All three went straight to the den to watch some tv on their new entertainment center complete with surround sound and digital cable. (Hey what can I say..they all have rich parents) They watched the old version of the Parent Trap then decided to go to bed...because the next day they had to go out and look for jobs so that they could have some extra money to spend.

They all went up stairs and went their separate ways. They each had like their own section of the up stairs. You went up the main stair case..then one part went to the left (that was Jens area) went to the right (that was Cories area)...and the one that continued going straight was Melissas area. It was the perfect house for them three..that way they wouldnt bother each other if someone was up late for any reason.

They all changed into their pajamas after each had a quick shower and went to bed in their King size beds. Jens sheets were blue, Cories was red and Melissas were green. All thier pillows were made with goose feathers and their sheet made of silk and in the closet they had some made of cotton just in case they didnt like the silk ones. They all fell asleep soundly and had great dreams of the years to come in that great house.

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