Wasnt that a good movie? Melissa asked as they walked out to Ikes car.

Yeah it was awesome. I loved the special effects Ike saw a camera flash and turned around to see two girls looking and waving. He waved and asked Mel Should I go say Hi?

That would be really sweet if you did

Alright. Ike turned and began to walk toward the girls, who were beginning to get very nervous Hi.

Hi! Were big fans. Both fans were thrilled to have Isaac Hanson talking to them what are you doing here?

Actually, Im on a date

Really, whos the lucky lady?

Shes right here, this is Melissa

Hello Melissa waved

Hi Melissa, so how long have you two known each other? One of the girls asked Ike

We met last night at the concert

Wow! Thats awesome!!

Yep I think so! Mel was happy the girls didnt hate her.

Well sorry, but weve gotta go, its time for dinner

Oh can we take one picture with you first?

Yeah Melanie began to step away.

No! We want you in the picture too!

Oh..Okay. Melissa walked back over to get in the picture

Brad, would you take the picture one of the girls asked her boyfriend.

Yeah he got the camera and took a picture of the four together. Ike autographed something for them and they wanted Melissas autograph too. So she gave it to them. Mel and Ike walked to his car and drove off to dinner.

So where are you taking me for dinner?

Youll see..its a surprise Ike drove on.

Do you even know where were going?



Im kidding...of course I know, were almost there Ike laughed at his little joke. Melissa laughed with him. Ike pulled up to a stop light. Close your eyes.


Please!! Ike gave her a puppy dog face

Oh Alright Melissa closed her eyes

NO peeking!!

I wont Ike pulled to the left and into some sort of abandoned parking lot. He pulled onto rocks it felt like and parked the car. them Melissa opened her eyes. She saw a red table cloth over a little table with two candles on it and some gourmet chicken and other food layed out.

Oh wow!

Do you like it? Ike asked as he opened her car door and helped her out.

I love it!! How sweet!! Mel noticed the moon shining on the water and the sweet glow of the candles. Ike lead her over to the table and she sat down..he went around and sat on the other side.

Shall we eat?

Yes..It looks delicious.

Alright. They began to eat. Mel kept looking into Ikes eyes and kept thinking to this true? Am I really on a date with Isaac Hanson? Once they were finished eating Ike lead Mel over to a blanket that was layed out for them by the lake. Ike went to the car and got out his guitar and took it over to the blanket.

You brought your guitar

Yep..I wanted to play you something that I wrote today He tuned his guitar and began to strum...just the chords were so romantic to Mel. He began to sing. It was a song about love at first site and about the most beautiful girl in the world.

Once he was finished Mel spoke that was so pretty, it was just so ama..

Ike leaned over and began to gently kiss her. She began to run her fingers through his hair. The parted and they looked deep into each other eyes. Ike put his guitar in its case and set it aside. He layed Mel down and began to run his fingers through her hair. He layed next to her and they layed their kissing ever so softly and looking up at the moon talking about anything and everything a couple could talk about. It was one of the best nights Mel had ever had.

Back at Jens House

Well...heres the inside of the house...want a tour?

Yes I definitely want a tour

Jen lead Zac up the stairs and pointed up the right stairs That is Cories part of the house She pointed up the stairs in front of them That is Melissas area and this is my part Jen said as she lead Zac up the left stair case.

Hmmm...this is one big ass house!! sure is. This is my main room..with my couch and stuff and through that door is my bed room Zac walked over the window overlooking the swimming pool

Wow you got a swimming pool too! Awesome!

Yep and heres my bathroom

Wow..its huge!! Especially the tub!

Yep..well let me show you the downstairs

Okay they both walked downstairs and Jen showed Zac the rest of the house like the kitchen, the music room, the library, the other bathrooms (yes there are multiple bathrooms on the bottom floor) and every other room.

I love this house!!

I thought you about if we watch the movie?

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