The Walk Tour 2008 Fan Memories                           



It's that time of year again!  Hanson fans around the United States and Canada are planning road trips, crossing their fingers for those prized meet and greets and reporter positions, and figuring out how in the HELL they're going afford to put gas in their cars to make it all possible.

With buzzing with excitement surrounding this latest tour, which for the first time in years is going to touch down in the Pacific Northwest and parts of Western Canada for intimate acoustic shows, I figured what better way to reminisce about the good times we've had on tour and share our pictures (good bad and ugly) than on an official FAN website dedicated to the tour itself!  Not everyone will have a membership and it is this Hanson fan's mission to make sure no story goes untold!

So if you've got a story to tell, or a picture that tells the story for you, please submit them! Especially you lucky few who are going on The Bus! In the meantime, I will be scowering the forums for juicy tid bits, pictures, and memorable stories.