hi! my name is heidi.

bands like hanson come around once in a lifetime. they never cease to amaze me and i know that as long as they keep producing music, i will always be a fan. it's the greatest craziness i've ever known. here's to year 12!



07-05-98: albertane tour (atlanta, ga)

06-06-00: charlotte knights national anthem (ft mill, sc)
06-07-00: wherehouse music autograph signing (atlanta, ga)
08-21-00: macy's concert & autograph signing (atlanta, ga)
08-22-00: this time around tour (atlanta, ga)
09-02-00: this time around tour (greensboro, nc)
09-03-00: this time around tour (myrtle beach, sc)

08-09-03: acoustic 03 tour (baltimore, md)
08-12-03: acoustic 03 tour (boston, ma)
08-13-03: acoustic 03 tour (nyc, ny)
08-15-03: acoustic 03 tour (albany, ny)
10-29-03: acoustic 03 tour (atlanta, ga)

07-04-04: red, white, & blue festival (greenville, sc)
07-05-04: underneath tour (myrtle beach, sc)
07-06-04: underneath tour (atlanta, ga)
08-27-04: underneath tour (louisville, ky)

02-28-05: emory university (atlanta, ga)
03-01-05: georgia state university (atlanta, ga)
05-20-05: mayfest & SETB screening (tulsa, ok)
10-17-05: emory university (atlanta, ga)
10-18-05: live & electric tour (atlanta, ga)

05-05-07: MONA (tulsa, ok)
12-09-07: the walk tour (minneapolis, mn)

04-09-08: the walk tour (la crosse, wi)
04-12-08: the walk tour (madison, wi)
04-13-08: the walk tour (green bay, wi)
04-18-08: the walk tour (bloomington, il)
09-26-08: walk around the world tour (minneapolis, mn)
11-03-08: walk around the world tour (chicago, il)

10-03-09: use your sole tour (minneapolis, mn)

those hanson devils: my devotion