Artist Project

For our next project you will be researching a Spanish artist and creating a slideshow about that artist and his work. We will be in the computer lab beginning next week. Below are guidelines for what your presentation should include:

1) Your slideshow should contain at least 10 slides. This can include your title and source slides.
2) Your final slide should contain a list of the websites that you used information or images from.
3) You must include at least 3 images that are works of art created by your artist.
4) You should include information about the artistís life.
5) You should include information about what type of art and what style of art your artist did.

You will be graded on the following:

1) The accuracy of the facts in your presentation.
2) The creativity of your presentation.
3) Your working behavior while in the computer lab. I expect you to work hard and not goof around in the computer lab.
4) Fulfilling the guidelines about content listed above.

This project is due on February 15th at the end of class. This means that you have two class periods to complete the work listed above.

Use only the links I provide; if you need more information I will find it.
Do not use links on other pages unless I say so!