Hey everyone! As I'm sure you guys have noticed, Hanson Day this year falls on the
date of the Myrtle Beach tour stop. This is the first year of our second decade together and we
think that we should start this one off with a bang. So, the SC Street Team is putting
together a project to make this one to remember.

We're calling it Making Our Mile Count and we are going to need everyone
to get together to make it happen.
How can you make a mile even smaller? What exactly makes up a mile?
These are the questions that led us back to all those measurement conversions
that you thought you were never going to need.

There are 5,280 feet in a mile.
We could all go out and walk that mile on Hanson Day…
but what if we could do something to
make every single foot of our mile count?
Why not raise one dollar for every foot of that mile?

So this is our project...

Instead of spending our Hanson Day doing what we always have done,
why not celebrate with each other and the guys by helping to change the world together just
a little more, just one foot at a time? All proceeds will go to HIVSA and
while doing so we hope to help promote TOMs at the same time!

So, starting Monday March 31st, we are asking for everyone to join together to raise just one
dollar for all 5,280 feet we are going to cover on the Hanson Day Walk!