The Making Our Mile Count project started as a small idea from Hansonís South Carolina Street Team.
Over a very short course of time (3 days, to be exact!), this statewide initiative exploded into a global effort
with the goal of coming together to commemorate Hanson Day on May 6, 2008 in Myrtle Beach, SC.
The project has started to bring together not only people within the Street Teams and
circles, but anyone on the planet with an interest in making the world a little better.

This project was born out of a great desire to effect ever-increasing levels of change in the world.
Inspired in part by the work of both Hanson and TOMS Shoes, we are coming together to do what we can to
make a difference in many of the causes that these groups have brought to light for us. Furthermore, the issues of
AIDS/HIV treatment and prevention, extreme poverty, and injustice have also brought us closer together as fans.
In celebration of this, we have come up with this project to both show what a difference such a well-connected
group of people can make as well as to celebrate the one thing that we all share: a love of great music!

Through the course of 2007, Hanson, their fans, friends, and concerned bystanders
walked 45 miles to raise awareness for TOMS Shoes, a company who donates a pair of shoes to a child in an
area of extreme poverty for each pair of shoes sold. These one-mile walks occurred in cities across
North America and were done barefoot - sometimes in the rain, sometimes in the snow.
We walked to illustrate the huge difference a simple pair of shoes makes in our lives.
A mile seems much longer when you have no shoes.
Through the course of these walks, we helped to raise the 58,000 pairs of shoes that
were taken to South Africa on the last shoedrop.

Now, our project has officially become YOUR project.
What began as a small idea has grown to a global walk for change.
Together, we are working to raise one dollar for every foot of our mile on Hanson Day 2008.
Every single donation counts toward our goal of $5,280 - the number of feet in a mile.
All proceeds will be donated to HIVSA, a non-profit in South Africa dedicated to the
support of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Thank you for checking out our page and becoming a part of something spectacular!

Call to Action
HIVSA Information Page
TOMS Information Page


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