Monday March 31st – Official Kick-Off Day!

This is the official start date of our project. Whether you’re still in school or working, today is the day that we’re going to start informing people, both within our fan ranks and without, and asking for support. That means that you should be asking everyone you know for help! There is no reason to mention Hanson in your fundraising…we are doing this due in part to the guys, we are not doing it for them! By Sunday, there will be information sheets that you can print and hand out while fundraising. Even the smallest donation of a few coins make a difference. There is no such thing as small change!! These sheets will be emailed out to everyone to print. Also, we are going to post a picture-and-information collage that you can use to put on your collection containers. We want people to actually see what we are working to change.

The money that we are raising is going to be donated to HIVSA, a program in South Africa working toward the reduction of mother-to-child HIV transmission. If you are in college or high school, take your container (I am going to use a mason jar and a butter container) with you to school and ask your classes daily for their spare change. If you are working, make sure your co-workers are aware of what you are doing and make a point to ask around daily. We will also have a brochure for you to print with information on Tom’s Shoes. These are to be handed out with the information sheets. If you are concerned about all this printing, colleges usually have really cheap printing services for their students (black and white copies only!). If you are printing from a home printer, black and white is absolutely going to be the way to go. Also, Staples does black and white copies for $0.09 a copy, which is great. Lastly, we have an online option available if you are fundraising among your friends and family. You will receive a web address where you can send people to donate with their credit cards. They will receive a receipt and, hopefully down the road, something to thank them for their contribution.

One more thing…take a camera with you wherever you go. Please take pictures of everyone who has donated to our cause (as long as they are okay with it, of course). They can be digital pictures or disposable camera. Before the day of the show, please take your pictures and get them developed. Bring them with you to the HOB…we’re going to use them for another really great project! It’s important that we have enough pictures so everyone needs to do their best to take some. Please spend no more than $20 on developing… we don’t want to overstretch people.

The collection will go officially from the 31st until April 30th. The online payment option will remain open until May 7th and you are welcome to continue trying to collect money until the day before the concert. Please be sure to keep daily totals as well as an overall total…you should submit your daily totals to so that we can keep a running tally both on and within our groups. We want to know every day how well we are doing!

Hanson Day – May 6, 2008!

This is the day that everything is going to come together. Starting at 10am, we will be setting up “party central” in the parking lot at the HOB. Please, before you come to the venue, roll all your change into change rolls to make life a little easier and the trip to the bank a little shorter. If you have change leftover outside your change rolls, no worries. We will combine all the excess at the venue. We have a safe that we are going to have with us to keep all the money in.

Please (this is important!): -bring your money in a solid container, not a plastic bag. A shoe box would be perfect. -label your container with your name, your screenname, your email address, and the total amount of money in your container.

We will have a station where you can drop off your money where we will count it and then move it to the safe.

We have a number of things in the works for our pre-show Hanson Day party at the HOB. The first of these is what we are going to use the pictures for that everyone will be taking through the course of their fundraising. We are going to have scrapbook supplies for everyone who would like to participate to create a page for a scrapbook. The scrapbook will be called “Making Our Mile Count : Hanson Day 2008” and will have the date and the location of the concert. We are also going to do our best to get the guys to sign the scrapbook. Before the show, we are going to raffle off the scrapbook. Raffle tickets will be sold for $1 each, with each ticket representing one of the 5,280 feet on the way to our mile. Also, we are going to be making a banner. The banner will have the same title as the scrapbook but this is where is started to get messy! We are going have buckets of paint and invite everyone participating to leave a print of their foot on the banner. We are all involved in making this mile count and we want to have the actual feet to show it! All attending the walk will be asked to get a little messy for a good cause. We will also be raffling the banner off as a really cool memento of making every single foot in our mile count. Several other fun things are in the works and more information will be posted as it becomes available. Of course, we will have our favourite music going all day for everyone to get into the Hanson Day spirit.