20 facts about me:

  my name is kelly
  i was born, raised, and currently live in vancouver, british columbia, canada
  i am a communications designer, illustrator & web developer
  my personal portfolio can be viewed at kellychen.ca
  i am also a partner of a small design studio called chestnut street pixel foundry

  my first hanson concert was august 1, 2000 in vancouver
  i met hanson on september 10, 2008 in vancouver
  i've seen hanson perform in five cities
  i've been to tulsa twice
  hanson are becoming my excuse to travel (i otherwise can't justify the spending)

  i enjoy rants
  i collect random bits of memorabilia
  i dream of visiting paris
  i would love to own a pair of christian louboutin shoes
  i find ashley (more so than mary-kate lately) very fashionably inspirational

  i love the movie snatch
  i cry very easily
  one day, i will have an entire agatha christie library
  the most random & pointless things make me laugh
  i am not a morning person


Canada ≠ Toronto - Hanson project
Hansonadian Shindig - annual Canadian Hanson fan gathering


iikviii _ quelle?