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Ten years after the three phenomenally talented brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson broke out of the middle of nowhere, millions of fans world-wide with a love of Hanson's amazing music go on. Despite having written hundreds of songs, they still manage to inspire and captivate their fans with every note. In honour of these amazing men and their truly incredible passion for life and music, we have organized an annual weekend of celebration in a Canadian city—the Hansonadian Shindig.


Latest News

May 2007
There are still some things that need tweaking (mainly: the logo), but we are just a little too eager to launch! Stay tuned for more updates within the next few weeks!

April 2007
After a one-year hiatus, the Hansonadian Shindig returns! Sort of.
Due to time constraints (and Hanson's upcoming album release, tour, etc. draining our piggy banks) the Shindig will be condensed to a one day celebration.
This year's Shindig will be held in Vancouver, BC with more info pending, so stay tuned! Also, be on the lookout for a website and identity revamp!
Also, photos from Laura's and Kim's cameras have since been added to the 2005 album.

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