Hanson Last Month


That was pretty much my reaction to the transcript of the Howard Stern interview that was the main Hanson event in May. You may disagree. You may be of an opinion that the main event in May was the revamp of hanson.net. Or the acoustic re-recording of Middle of Nowhere. Or even Zac’s shredding of Spiderman 3 to pieces in the latest FUTY. By the way, I can’t agree with you more there, mate. I saw the blasted thing, it ranked big time. Also, I am dying to hear what you think of Pirates Of The Caribbean 3... Oops, got carried away there, but only 53 hours before I see that!

Anyway, stuff a few other things that Hanson did in May. The main event had to have been the interview with the shock jock. Even Hanson proved that to be the case.

How you may ask? Well didn’t Zac come to the forums on the eve of the big event and asked us to wish them luck? I was a bit baffled. Haven’t Hanson had like, 5 million interviews all over the planet? They were asked all sorts of questions; even most intimate ones - about the colour of their toothbrushes. They pretty much handled everything, some of it by pledging the Fifth, some of it by slamming the phone at the interviewer, most of it by very clever, quick thinking answers... so I was genuinely shocked that they needed... LUCK. I mean, they took IDJ and those corporate types without batting an eyelid.

But what do I, a poor middle-aged fan from Down Under know? Seriously, that other Howard Stern with some middle initial or other is more known here owing to the tabloids. Shock value? Please. I grew up in the Swinging 60’s. That “swinging” doesn’t refer to music, by the way.

Anyway. I repeat – whoa!

Talk about too much information. And not of the “boxers or tighty-whities?” type, let me assure you.

I tried to rationalize why the guys, who are so fiercely private, went on a show where they were asked, and what’s very surprising, revealed... um yeah, they revealed... THINGS... The only thing I can think of was... well, you sometimes have to go to the dentist and have a root canal done.

People who follow the pop-culture assured me that this interview was really good for the guys; that they addressed a new kind of audience; that it’s so good that they fended for themselves quite well and that they were true to themselves and didn’t allow to get rattled. And that Stern respects them more now. I would call that about Stern “respecting them more” a bit of a dubious honour if you ask me, but why the heck would you ask me?

At anyrate, I have to accept all that was previously said – so yeah. Plus Hanson announced the US single (is it a first or a second one is debatable) and The Walk US release date. Plus we got two really cool live covers, which Mr. Stern really liked. So something good came out of it even for me.

Straight after the Stern interview, that very same day, maybe within the hour, the guys did an interview for Fox News. Thanks to my cable I was able to see that and... saw for myself. They seemed quite unfazed. Zac even said something to the effect that Stern was a very intelligent guy if you dismissed that potty talk. To what I shook my head and thought that Playboy is a really cool magazine if you look at the articles only.

The Fox interview was short and sweet and boring for some. But after Stern all will look boring right? Boring as opposed to shocking not opposed to interesting of course.

(“Marica, drop Stern already, we got it” – you must be saying. I agree. )

Anyway. After they talked about Stern a bit (Marica, we said you will drop that!) – the conversation turned, to why they are doing what they are doing since they were very young and how they managed to keep their heads screwed on right. I know, I know – a topic that Hanson have discussed like 4,999,9999 times but they still went on to explain (and make it interesting too) and were so passionate about it - that the interviewer genuinely thought that he got an explanation of the meaning of life from them. As I announced it to the world and all sundry in the new (and revamped, mind you!) forums – I loved all 4 minutes of it as opposed to the Ste... nevermind. Marica, people will start thinking you are prude – and yet you inhaled in your day! (Albeit just once though.)

I mentioned “revamp”. Since you are reading this on hanson.net - it would be a bit superfluous for me to explain what it is. Everyone has their own opinion about how hanson.net looks and feels like now. Even my daughter who went "Wow!!!” looking over my shoulder. She is not a fan and a member – she just liked the earthy colours. I will spare you of my thoughts and I will only say that my opinion changed quite dramatically from "WTF?" to “Not bad!” in three weeks. In all honesty I am a wee ashamed for my initial reaction. After all I work in the IT industry where things change so fast. But hanson.net is not a Windows XP hot fix or (God forbid!) Windows new release – it’s... it’s... well I don’t exactly know what it is – just not anything connected with Windows. It’s Unix now.

Now let's be serious. The main Hanson event for May. The recording of MONA. Thank goodness, before I had a chance to moan, “Oh no! Not another acronym!” the guys changed it to “Middle of Nowhere Acoustic”

Well – nothing much I can tell you about it that you already don’t know, since chances are that you were there. I avoided reading the testimonials but I saw The former so I can form an opinion myself once I have the copy in my hot little hand and listen to it of course. The later – the photos, because, well, I am a Hanson photos tragic. I still think that Hanson meddled with perfection there – but I am excited and ready to eat some humble pie.

I did about Stern now, didn’t I? Well almost.