Hanson Last Month

There are a few ways that this monthly piece of mine can go.

I can join the casts of thousands on hanson.net forums and make my 2000 words contribution to the possible meaning of the phrase "Taking A Walk". Or, I can give my 10c worth why I don't think that Little Miss Sunshine is such a great movie. I mean it's good - but great it ain't. If you think that that it's not Hanson related - then alas! you obviously are not a member of hanson.net. Or I can discuss my favourite Hanson subject - the Hanson photos. You see, we got a couple of new ones of Ike and a lot more of Zac, fresh from the fans' digi cameras and phones. They both looked cool while attending Bleu's recent concert in Tulsa. Zac even joined him on stage to play some tambourine and sing with him. Pretty neat.

That pretty much exhausts all Hanson did this past month. They are busy chaps that have an album to release soo... oops... in the near future.

I think I will discuss photos. But not the ones from the Bleu occasion, which were really cool. I will discuss the Hanson photos that I have taken over the years. The chagrin of my life.

Actually I will start with a couple of photos that my then 14-year-old daughter took.

It was July 97, Hanson were on top of the world and had just arrived at the Sydney airport. Of course they used the VIP exit. My daughter took about 20 pictures of their waiting van - while they were clearing customs. Then they appeared at that door and waved and disappeared in the van. This is a photo of that. That in the square is Taylor (see inset)


Hanson are nice chaps and they decided to come and meet us 20 or so fans that were freezing our backsides at 5 am (July is middle of winter in OZ) to meet them at the airport. They shook hands with us and chatted for a minute. My daughter was probably contemplating if she should pop the question to Taylor or not or going OMG! OMG! - so she forgot to take any photos. I had to poke her in the ribs - but it was too late. At least you can see the whole back of Ike and the back of the Taylor's head.

Well Hanson came and went and 4 years passed before we saw them in flesh and blood. They came to Australia to promote This Time Around. I managed to get tickets for a few TV shows that Hanson appeared on.

House of Hits, March 2000.

Hanson performed If Only live and did a short interview. My daughter had a vantage point by the stage and I was way at the back (don't ask - long story). Alas - I had the camera because, based on the previous Hanson photography disaster, I decided to not let my daughter anywhere near it. Well, you can see the result. I swear that's Ike and part of Taylor. I managed to take another photo but I am not going to show it here. It's Zac. Headless. And it's not for the faint hearted.

Channel V, On Demand, March 2000.

Well this time I had a vantage point in the studio but alas again, it was a big studio and Hanson were far, far away. But I was so happy to be in front that I shot the whole film in 3 minutes. And then... to my horror and to the other fans' delight, the guys came up to chat with us and shake hands. I didn't chat and I didn't shake hands because I was frantically trying to change the film in the camera. Which (well of course!) I managed to jam so when Hanson did the walkabout again at the end of the show... let me put it very mildly this way... I wasn't a happy camper. Zac had his hair down and just remember how it looked in 2000 and I am a rocker chick (or shall I say hen?)

Sega World Mini Concert, March 2000.

The photo op was fabulous. Taylor and Ugly Phil share the same birthday and there was a celebration before the mini-concert. But cameras were not allowed but even if they were I don't think it would have mattered in my case. Above is the photo I took as Hanson were leaving. That in the inset is Taylor of course and the rest are bodyguards. Hanson had more security than the president of the US for some reason.

So that came and went, but in the northern summer that year I traveled to the US to see Hanson in a real concert. Finally. Kimmy and I met in Vancouver and traveled to Seattle for the second concert of the This Time Around Tour. Of course - no photographs at concerts are allowed and I respected that but...

... this was after the concert when Taylor came to meet us before getting into the bus. Okay - the crowd was rabid (the show blew off the roof of Moore Theatre) - but that still doesn't excuse this "fabulous" shot of his forearm. Ah well. Did I say that the concert rocked to the 10th power?

Four long years passed before I saw Hanson again. It was November 2004 and Hanson came to Australia for two acoustic concerts, in Melbourne and Sydney and to appear on a few TV shows to promote Underneath. The moment I learned that they were coming - I got the hubby to buy me a digital camera and spare no money (me and new technology don't mesh). It has a very powerful zoom and resolution to die for.

Well zoom didn't help because Hanson were...

...too far away...

or too close...

or too on the side.

At least the resolution was to give up your firstborn for - you can count the whiskers on Ike's chin - every single one.

After this, I said to myself - that's it! I am not even going to bother to take photos of Hanson anymore. I will stick to my online photos.

So you can imagine how I felt when I got the email that I am chosen to be the reporter on the Melbourne 2 show in June 2005. Oh yeah I was ecstatic - that's a lifetime opportunity and every Hanson fan dream. But a few seconds later a sheer terror took over.

I. Have. To. Take. Photographs.

And I am not talking of the concert photos. There are a billion out there. I am talking about the meet and great photos that I was supposed to take. I don't think that a brain surgeon would feel more responsibility. Imagine how you would feel - you have that one chance to have your photo taken with the guys and someone goofs it big time?

In order to mitigate the risk, I did some serious photography self-help and took thousands of photos and learned on my errors. I don't think that I have studied that hard since university.

To cut a long story short, the meet and greet photo op went flawless. Well almost. The guys kindly obliged when I asked if I could take two photos of each group, "just in case". On the second photo of the second meet and greet group my camera shut down so everybody was sitting there with a frozen smile on their faces while I was fiddling to open it up or whatever. I don't think that the fans had any objection though.

Oh the concert photos? Well you can see for yourself. The hanson.net members know where they are. But still I "managed" to take a few of those:

Until the next month...