Hanson in February 06

Incredible as it sounds, in this article, I am going to concentrate on what Hanson did in the past month. You are probably moaning now, thinking, “Oh no. She is going to out-ramble herself. Nothing really happened in Hansonland in the past month!”  You can close this page now, up to you! But let’s see how I go. 


Again I will start by mentioning a couple of FUTY’s that were posted since the last time we talked. The first one was your ordinary Hanson FUTY.  I don’t know about you, but I like them. I mean, the guys can’t reinvent themselves and be creative and original and amusing and interesting when they post. Maybe that’s not their thing. They leave that to us, the fans that eat, sleep and breathe on hanson.net. And occasionally do some totally irrelevant things like go to work, school and socialize.  When we take a break from the forums. 

I much rather prefer that creativity and originality to go into what Hanson do best.  If you think that’s designing t-shirts… then you are wrong. No offence Zac.

Anyway – cool FUTY telling us what’s to come. Like most of them but cool. Shoot me if you want. 

The second FUTY was posted just a few days ago. To say it was different is a wee of an understatement. I can’t divulge the content in case you are not a hanson.net member, but I can say this much: it was a video clip. For a couple of days, it transformed the hanson.net forums into one big helpdesk message board. It also divided the membership into gloaters and whin… oops… lamenters. 

The guys proudly posted an m4v format video clip. Windows XP/QuickTime 7/iPod type of thing. Says it all. 

It took me awhile to see it.  No. Put that “to make it work”. Because when it finally worked, I hardly saw anything. I was busy doing a happy jig in the middle of my living room in front of my relieved family who that moment started to entertain a hope that they would finally get a cooked meal. As I have admitted before, advanced technology and me don’t mesh. Yours truly still struggles with cell phone texting for crying out loud. iPod? I can hardly see it on my palm without glasses, let alone operate it. 

Of course, I cursed the boys and their toys under my breath – but hey, just because I am “latest technology” challenged doesn’t mean that everybody else is and that we need to live in the dark ages of MOVs and AVIs. It’s so  ‘97. Please

So that was FUTY. And people say that FUTY not interesting. Man. I could have done without the stress!

But let’s see now what else happened between those two FUTY’s. 

We had 3 hotline messages. The first one contained the magical phrase “release date sometime in the later half of 2006” It was uttered by Isaac with a caveat as big as a house but it was still magical for me. The last one contained another magical phrase “start recording process next month or so” again uttered by Isaac.  I know, I know. I am keeping my Hanson hopes high, but why not. The guys fulfilled all they promised since they became independent. 

Oh, the one in the middle (the hotline message, not Taylor) was done by the still unmarried part of the band wishing us Happy Valentines Day. Zac said “And if you don't have a date, somebody out there's missing out!” Isn’t that the sweetest thing to say? Let’s hope that Taylor didn’t join them delivering the Valentine message because he was busy doing something romantic with his wife, and not crying over the Christmas credit card bill as my husband and me did.  

Then there was AY photo.  It popped on the world wide web in late January and it showed the guys with about a dozen or so pretty scruffy looking young people. Nothing wrong with being scruffy looking, that’s the fashion, right? It was a living room of some sort, some people were holding guitars, some were sitting, some were standing, they all seemed barefoot, our three guys had the broadest smiles, Ike had hair, Taylor had a scarf of course and quite a bit of facial hair; there was a girl with a Beatles t-shirt; and, to complete the chaos, there was a petrified little doggie peering behind Zac’s leg.

Of course the photo was posted on hanson net three seconds after it appeared on the internet. Did I ever tell you that we, the fans would hear Hanson coughing in Siberia and post about it? I think I did. Anyway, the photo caused, to put it mildly, a pandemonium. 

Who, when, what, where, why, how… every possible question was asked and speculated on. I will not repeat that of course but I need to say that I was mildly ticked off by a few people that went, “Oh I didn’t recognize [insert a brother of choice here]” Why may I ask? Because Ike had HAIR. OK he has sported an occasional buzz cut in the past couple of years, but so what? Please. Taylor? Because of the facial hair? Please again. He was sticking out a mile, alone on the left-hand side, with his torn jeans, that hair, the necklaces, the scarf and most importantly, that smile. But as said before, we the fans, LOVE drama and see problems where there ain’t ones. Guilty as charged as you will see later. 

A day or so later (again thanks to the resourceful fans) the info about that photo was posted. The photo was taken at the Hanson Ranch (huh?) during the Fool’s Banquet songwriting session, which took place sometimes in January.  Hanson organized that and invited some musicians to participate. 

Pretty neat eh? We all said,  “How cool!” and of course whined, “Why don’t Hanson tell us about these things?” Well they don’t. And why would they? We find out anyway! I bet Hanson occasionally logs on hanson.net to check what they are doing!

The various musicians and bands on the photo were looked up and the music listened to and discussed and it was pretty interesting.

Then drama again.  A member of Eisley, one of the bands on the aforementioned photo, posted about the experience in their blog.  They thanked the guys for the cool experience which is nice albeit misspelling Zac’s name, but that’s OK. I am used to; after all I am Marcia to the rest of the world 99% of the time. Then they explained that the guys are jaded from the whole big label scene and want indie talent to grow and all that. I start thinking – “Wow this is cool….” And then, I read this: “It doesn't matter what anyone thinks of their artistic expression. They are cool people and love music.”

OUCH. What a way to NOT give a compliment. Like, “Hanson are cool people, and cuz they are cool people, we’ll forget for a moment that their music is cra…um…  un-cool and which we wouldn’t be caught dead listening!” OF course that was how yours motherly truly (“how can they say that about the guys!”)  interpreted it along with a few others. We were in minority. Most of the people didn’t think much about it and tried to tell us that we shouldn’t either – with which I … (grumble, grumble) agree. Now. After I cooled off. And then of course there were a few others that fell in raptures that someone said something remotely non-negative about the guys. 

So that kept us busy on the forums for quite awhile to that extent that an Ike sighting, also confirmed with a cell phone photo (gotta get me one of them things soon, comes handy when you run into celebrity) – went almost unnoticed. Ike looked very happy and he had HAIR. But we know that already. Oh the setting was naturally Tulsa, in front of Pendleton store. 

Then of course I need to mention Zac visiting the forums one night in February and posting for quite a bit. As expected, the forums went crazy, people trying to get his attention and all that, waving flags in the post titles. “Look at me Zac!” “Over here Zac!”  He posted on the member side so I can’t say anything more, but it was pretty neat. I shed a tear or two when I saw that he finally visited my resident forum, from which Hanson kinda shy away.  Don’t blame them. Must be the name.

And last but not least – the contents of the hanson.net kit 2006 were announced. By the way – why do they call it kit? But anyway. It will have more live songs, animated movie drawn by Zac, video clips, more photos and again last but not least, a message from the guys. I expected a bit more reaction of the fanbase on that one, but hey. There were other things (that I listed above) that kept us occupied and we didn’t give it the due respect. But I am sure we will, once the little parcel starts popping in our mailboxes. 

I said that I would stick to Hanson events in the past month, right? Well I am sorry. I lied. I can’t finish this article and not mention one of the most remarkable Hanson events EVER. At least for me.  

The event happened on February 13th, 1999. Hanson performed part of the set with Bob Weir (Grateful Dead/Rat Dog), Rob Wasserman and the Other Ones at the Wetlands club in New York. I will say no more. Let this diamond in the rough, a post by a deadhead on a Grateful Dead forum the next day say it all. It’s my favourite Hanson review of all times.

Note to my editor: please do not fix the punctuation!

Re: i thought i'd seen it all
Author: Larry Rader
Date: 1999/02/14
Forum:  rec.music.gdead

yeah, i just returned from wetlands.  only went for the last set (after
watching the delahoya/quartey fight).  i heard that hanson, that cute
singing sensation brother act was going to be there, so i couldn't miss
my chance to see bobby sing m'bop.  didn't happen, but the set was
pretty funny and incredibly surreal.  i did stop laughing long enough to
note that the keyboarding hanson (zach, ike or taylor..i have no idea
which is which) is, by far, the most likely to be a secret hippy.  he
plays pretty well, and sang wang dang and, especially goin' down the
road like he'd done it before.  knew the changes and the words and
pretty much seemed to be groovin' on the whole thing.  also rolls his
head back like a rocker.  the drummer's pretty cute and seemed to know
the songs as well.  he was to jay's right at the edge of the stage and
he's a lefty so he was facing the wrong way...couldn't really look at
any other band members.  the guitarist was down front to bobby's (and
rob's) right.  seemed a bit tight as a player and singer but took a
decent solo on gdtrfb.  bobby threw him the solo a few times and watched
intently, like a proud daddy (or granddaddy).  the keyboardist was at
the far end of the stage to bobby's left.