Hanson - January 06

This January wasn’t completely eventless in the world of Hanson (.net) Let’s see. 

First, we got a FUTY. By the way, how do you pronounce it? Ef, you, tea, why? I say “footy” although it’s not phonetically correct – but that’s the Australian nickname for rugby so… And no, it‘s not “football”! Football is the game where you play the ball with your feet and only the goalie can use han… 

Oops. We are talking Hanson right? Sorry. And no, I am not boosting the word count here – I have PLENTY Hanson o talk about!

Anyway, we got FUTY, short and sweet, but if you read between the two lines – very promising. Especially the “cannot predict” part. 

Then we got a Taylor encounter. Starbucks, Tulsa. Where else would you run into Taylor? 

And it wasn’t just a rumoured encounter. It was a confirmed one: there was a cell phone photo of somewhat scruffy looking Taylor with the fan who sighted him. Or was it the other way around? The fan that was sighted by Taylor because of the Hanson merchandise she was wearing?

Doesn’t matter. The conversation with Taylor (and the photo of course) considerably boosted the activity on the forums and not just the hanson dot net ones, mind you. But let’s stick to  hanson.net. It resulted in a few threads being deleted because, we the forum members, can’t and not go for each other’s throats about everything and anything. But the main thing is, you know, we love this band to death, right? That should justify everything. 
Also a couple of friendships got strained over how Taylor looked but hey, it’s all about music after all. Right?

The lucky fan divulged some sketchy details of the brief encounter with Taylor to us. It appeared that it was no longer than two minutes.  I am sure that one minute of it was used to take the aforementioned cell phone photo (those things are evil!). And the conversation was maybe one minute and from the convo we learned that some festivals are in order for Hanson this summer. And that was pretty much it. But that was enough for us, the all knowing, all predicting and all fearing Hanson fans. Boy, did it set us off! We asked millions of questions and speculated the answers for days.

Festivals? Why festivals?  What is a festival? What, no tour? Why? What, no West Coast? Why? What, no documentary? When is it gonna finally come out? What, no new music? Yours truly imposed the last question to the forums with trembling fingers. Thank God there are some sensible fans left in Hansonland who pointed out that there was hardly enough time to say the usual pleasantries let alone elaborate on anything. After all, Taylor’s coffee could have gotten cold… 

So, yeah, pretty earth-shattering stuff, you must agree.

Lastly, there was another event which went totally unnoticed and that really surprised me considering the past events of that nature which caused quite a stir. AshG posted in RR. I know, I know – he is not a Hanson but he is Grayson and that’s close enough plus he has the Hanson logo under his username on the forums and in these days when Hanson are on hiatus, anything Hanson related is news.  His post was a one liner but quite funny. 

So that was January 2006.

All the past Januaries have been pretty much quiet time for the guys. Apart from January 2005 and you can read all about it  here  And, I assume January 1997 when the guys were in full pre-production of Middle of Nowhere, probably little aware of what was going to hit them in a few months.

But the rest of them were pretty sedate months.

In January 1998 the only event was of private nature and all we know is that Zoë Hanson, their youngest sibling was born (no privacy intrusion here – it was posted on hansonline)

In January 1999 just a couple events. Hanson attended a Jonny Lang concert at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma, visited him backstage and I guess, invited him to do some guitar licks for the upcoming album.  They were also seen at Sundance film festival in Utah at an early evening screening. After all, Zac was only 13!

They were also interviewed on Radio Disney; but that interview will be more noted for the fact that there was a contest prior to that and the winner was announced at that radio show. It was an 11-year-old girl from Corpus Cristi. And some prize that was: an hour-long music lesson with Hanson, along with a new keyboard, guitar and drum set. You’d wonder if she is still a fan, eh? 

January 2000 was a lot more intense with activity (Did somebody just say that Januaries are sedate affairs for the guys? Well they have no clue!). Hanson started promoting the upcoming and still nameless record. Well, it was nameless until January 19th when the name was announced by the guys themselves at the Teen People magazine's "What's Next?" event.  Isaac, Taylor and Zac were there to introduce the next “sensation” of their illustrious label outfit Island Def Jam and that was the rapper called Sisqo. Who?? You are totally right. 

The fact that Hanson were on a rapper label hadn’t appealed to me at all despite the fact that also Bon Jovi had been there, but after this event, I started wondering what sort of album Hanson would emerge with later that year.

Then there was a photoshoot at a rock climbing venue at Chelsea Piers in New York.  That sent some shock waves through the Hanson Official Yahoo Fan Club community (there was no hanson,net until March that year!) and if you don’t remember why, I am certainly not going to tell you.

There were a few interviews for magazines that January: Seventeen, Rollingstone and Nylon (with photo shoots, of course) but they were not published that month. 

On January 22-23, Hanson filmed the "This Time Around" music video with director Dave Meyers in Los Angeles, California at the Alexandria Hotel, a beautiful, historic building. Owing to the “Making of The Video” MTV show a few months later, we learned many details about those couple of days. We will elaborate on that when and if we talk about that show but let it be noted that in those couple of days the word disingenuous was uttered by a certain member of the band and it would later enter every Hanson fan’s vocabulary - correct spelling and all.

January 2001 started with a hotline message left by Taylor where he cautiously said something like, “we are in the beginnings of working, very beginnings of working on the [new] music.” Of course we all saw the album coming out later in the year. Boy. Were we wrong or what.

Isaac and Taylor spent a week at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. They were spotted at various events but on January 24th, at the Radiohead listening party, a certain event took place on the roof of a building. Taylor described every gory detail of that event in a radio interview when he called into the radio station 107.5 The End on February 1st. And no, I am not going to elaborate on that one either. The birds on trees sing about that, for crying out loud. But let me tell you, if I heard that from anybody other than Taylor Hanson – I would never look at them ever again. Let alone stay a devoted fan! 

Taylor and Isaac emerged sick as dogs from Sundance and not just that, they gave the germs to poor Zac. But they soldiered on for the rest of January calling in a couple of radio stations and attending some industry event in San Francisco. I guess those were the early signs of the three young music executives emerging, eh?

In January 2002, with no sign of the new record let alone a release date or forthcoming tour; we, the fans, lived off the studio photos that were being regularly posted on hanson net. Those photos have a whole new meaning now, when we know the turmoil in Hanson lives. But then, those were just that  - studio photos. Those worried faces were just photos of the guys tired from working hard on the new record.

Then a bolt from the blue sky came: the announcement that Hanson will appear on “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” TV show and perform their new single “Hey”. Huh? What? Where? When is the single coming out? You can imagine the buzz. There were spoilsports that denounced the appearance “on such a lame show” Like Hanson were declining to appear on 20-20 or something!

But, boy, did we take that in with relish. Bad acting and all. And I am not talking about Isaac. He was rather decent and I think that he is the only Hanson who would not starve in Hollywood. “Hey” sounded awesome and we lived off that for MONTHS! WOO-HOO!

Yeah – and Zac was spotted at “Orange County” premier, playing with a yo-yo. He later explained that he went there to “numb his brain” – and that has a totally new meaning today, but then, we were wondering what the hell he meant.

Not a peep of the guys in January 2003 and we the fans were at our wits ends speculating and fighting among us. Very unhappy time and I hope it never comes back again.

Just a couple of envelope openings for Hanson in January 2004 (Paper Magazine party and Sonicult concert) – but you need to be seen about town if you have a new record coming out in a couple of months. 

But there was also an event that I am sure makes Isaac all misty eyed every time he talks about it. And that is: him and Taylor joined Les Paul on stage during his regular set at The Iridium Jazz Club in New York City and performed "Rip It Up" and "Ain't No Sunshine" with him. Then they went backstage and chatted with Les about who they are and where they live and how they have another brother who plays drums and Les Paul said to “give him some brushes and bring him along the next time” and then Les Paul signed Ike’s guitar which I am sure is mounted on Ike’s wall now.

So that’s Hanson in January! See you next month folks and I hope that we hear the magic words by then: 

 “We are recording!”