Hanson - July 06

Excuse me while I have a wee teeny moment here.


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That out of the way, let's see what else was on chat.

Oops! I can't tell you, eh? But let it be noted that I loved it. If not for anything, it is a first time that I have chatted with Hanson (well... yeah) and that was perfect time for me Down Under. It's usually on a working day, at 10 or 11 am with some disaster or other looming at work. I started to run out of excuses for my boss why I am late or I took one-hour coffee break (shhhh....)

Oh for the conscientious ones that want to jump at me - I work on flexible hours, so it's not that bad, I make it up.

As I said, this was perfect. Sunday 7 am. I am an early riser so no problem there. It was still early enough so the family was still in bed. No "mum this, mum that", no phone ringing, no "What? No, Danishes for breakfast?" and "Why is the paper soggy?" I made myself coffee and... chatted with the guys.

So maybe because of these perfect conditions I found the chat really cool. It had the right balance of serious stuff (label business, new record, tour, song writing and music creating process) and the weird and random stuff (Dr Pepper, ear wax ... sorry... pieces, chicken parts, punches in the nose...) And the red cow that they drink. No it's not a new drink. It's just a filtered one.

Did I tell you that they answered my question? Only one and I asked a few dozen. From "Laces or Velcro?" and "Which 'Pirates' character would you like to be?" to "What do you think of the Bush/Putin run-in on the latest G-8 meeting?" Oh come on, I am sure that all of you had a fair share in that deluge.

Speaking of the "Pirates..." - I seriously thought of dedicating this entire piece to the connection between Hanson and the current blockbuster. One is my favourite band and the other is my favourite movie. They HAVE to have something in common. Well they don't. Ike is maybe as dashing as Orlando's character, Zac is maybe as quirky as Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow but Taylor certainly doesn't need tentacles to play keyboard.

So with that intention shattered to pieces and my editor frowning (shhh.... she is not a "Pirates..." fan) - let's move on to other things that Hanson did last month.

Last month, Hanson finally fulfilled their dream of visiting the last continent on this Earth that they haven't visited before. (I am not counting Antarctica of course) So - since we follow every step Hanson take, you will be able to figure out which one was that. Hanson wanted that to be a secret so there was no announcement or anything of that sort, but ... there is no way of escaping from the omnipresent Hanson fans. Somebody doing something met someone somewhere and.... You know the drill. The news leaked on the forums with all the speculation that it entails (boy, are we good in reading into things!)

Anyway, Hanson confirmed in FUTY that they were there, way, way south but were very, very coy about revealing much detail. Even on chat they responded with a smiley face and "Be patient, you'll see soon enough" Hanson fans are renowned for having too much and too little patience at the same time, so I don't know how it's going to work.

Ah... darn it! Hanson visited Africa. And no, they didn't go on a safari.

(I must admit that I got sick of beating about the bush here and it looks silly. Even the birds on trees sing about Hanson "Out Of Africa")

So that was about it on the public Hanson front this month.

On the hanson fans front there were the usual forum battles about anything and everything but all was sort of in the shadow of the 2006 kit that pretty much everybody got On all continents I suppose. No need to discuss the detail as it was dissected frame by frame, beat by beat.

And this is pretty much it. Let me finish on a personal note.

On July 31st 1997 Hanson arrived in Australia for a promo visit. Owing to the Hanson Dad and that fabulous piece of home video art called "Tulsa, Tokyo and Middle of Nowhere", we all know of some of the wild things the guys did during that visit. Touch wombats and handle snakes, fly on an aquaplane, have 14 interviews in SEGA in a single day, and perform at an in-store appearance in front of 25,000 people. Some store eh?

Anyway, Ugly Phil and 2DayFM radio station organized a Sydney Harbour cruise for the guys. Or so Hanson thought. What they didn't know was that the cruise vessel wasn't a luxurious yacht, but one of the humble Sydney ferries called "Lady Northcott". The lower deck was to be filled with about 100 lucky radio callers and competition winners and the upper deck was reserved for Hanson and their entourage. If Hanson thought that they were just going to stay on that upper deck, sip Dr. Pepper and see the sights - they were wrong again. They were to descend in that exhilarated mob and perform 3 songs.

Anyway, let me just say that it was wild. The screams could be heard on both shores of the Harbour. We can safely say that Hanson rocked. Figuratively and literally - the water was rather choppy that day.

Need I say here that my daughter and I did everything humanly (and legally, please!) possible to be in those lucky 100? To no avail. That's why I was miffed to learn that a woman, not a fan, not even heard of Hanson, managed to get in. She thought she was talking a normal ferry to the City and boarded (secret location and all) with the callers, bemused with the commotion. Ah. Talk about being at the right place at the right time. Or wrong place at a wrong time, depends whose point of view you consider. She was late for a meeting and somewhat frazzled when she disembarked. And probably half-deaf.

Yesterday, I was waiting for the ferry to go across the Sydney Harbour to the City. Sydney has about a dozen ferries but yesterday, nine years to the day when Hanson were on it, "Lady Northcott" glides in to take us to the City.

Was it a sign?

Definitely. Sydney needs to get some new ferries. I have ridden on that thing a million times since Hanson did 9 years ago.