Hanson in March 06

Are Hanson fans “high maintenance”? Sometimes I think they are. I bet that when Hanson releases the next record with 13 fabulous (well I hope!) songs; we’ll all go, “What? No ‘Go’ on it?!” We are already fretting, “We want a tour!” We see a photo of Hanson where they all look like pin up guys and we go, “Hm…that’s one ugly ass scarf” or “Look at that hair…” or “They look tired” or … You get the idea.

Then again I don’t know. We also live off little Hanson-y things that happen.  A rerun of a show they were on in 1997 makes us weak in the knees. We hear a Hanson song played in the mall and we start poking the other shoppers, “Hey, this is Hanson!” When the guys show online, the forums go in overdrive and the poor server really has to try to hard not to crash (if you’re wondering that I have sympathy for hardware – I work in Technical Support, those are my babies and I can’t help feeling for them). Then we talk about it for days (Hanson, not the server of course!) and retell and comment every detail…

So what is it? High or low maintenance?

I leave it to you to decide that. Maybe after you read this you will change your opinion whatever it is.


There were 2 of those in March. First Isaac and then Taylor, a week and a half later. And they couldn’t have been more different. 

Isaac’s was a JUST a link to the second li’l iPod compatible movie for which you need to do a major hardware and software upgrade to your good ole reliable PC in order to see it. Or throw it away altogether and get a new one. Which is hard since you got that PC in 1997 just so you can check out Hanson on the Internet and it has become a family member now. How can you get rid of that?

Taylor’s FUTY was 47 words he typed (title and “-T” as signature included) on his PC keyboard. Or on a typewriter perhaps?  

Which one do I like better? I really can’t decide. I love the movie (Zac looks really cute with his “I just rolled out of bed” hair plus a ponytail) but I also love the old-fashioned typed up word. We all read books right?


We had a couple of these of course. Alright, those are not March events but the lucky girl posted the photos (or shall we say the proof) in March, so… We’ll talk about them here.

We are talking two almost identical photos. A Hanson brother, smiling, sitting in a same car and looking out of the driver’s window, same drive in joint,  (later we learned it was some Arby’s in T-town ) and same girl with same expression, smile, outfit, pose, everything,  by that window.  The only difference: the Hanson brother on one was Zac and the Hanson brother on the other one was Taylor. Oh and Zac looked pretty neat while Taylor… um… never mind. There were enough feathers flying on the forums on that subject. 

At first we thought that Zac and Taylor were driving in tow but soon we were enlightened that the photo with Zac was taken in January and the photo with Taylor was taken in February – almost a month and a half apart. Oh, then it appeared that the car wasn’t the same either. There was a lot of discussion about the make of the cars and all that. Are they theirs or borrowed from a sibling or a parent, photos were posted and models discussed.  How come the fan had a camera so handy? Well mates, if I lived in Tulsa – I would never take that puppy out of my purse. Actually, I would chain it for it so I don’t forget to take it with me. We all know how accommodating the guys are about taking photos with fans. You never know, eh? 


Oh there was a Hanson chat for members only, so we will not elaborate much on the contents of that one. Of course, it caused a mild havoc among the folk who don’t communicate with each other that way. We had to locate the MIRC software on our PC’s, pick it up and dust it off and remember how it worked. There were a few cries for help but a friendly HCL wrote a pretty cool MIRC tutorial with screenshots so nobody missed out because of technology. After the chat with the fan base there was the private chat, a somewhat cool novelty, where Hanson chatted with a randomly selected fan. It was pretty neat to see them asking the questions for a change. Oh, and in case you are wondering, I wasn’t sneaking or eavesdropping, a transcript was posted! 

Posts on forums

All three guys visited us on the forums. Silly as it sounds I love it when it happens when I am online too. It’s pretty cool to know what a Hanson is doing at that same point in time, which is pretty much the same thing as me: staring at the screen. Ah, the little things that make life enjoyable.

At anyrate, Taylor was just lurking. Zac went on a posting rampage one night. Funny guy that Zac, I really like him. But what I liked the most was when Isaac visited us one evening to give us some tech support on how to make those blasted iPod FUTY videos work. He probably felt bad that he caused some of us so much trouble. Plus we all know that Ike loves his iPod. Do you know that during an interview he tapped his heart and said, “There is so much emotion right here! There is enough passion in this little machine right now to blow up this whole building!” Except that “little machine” wasn’t Ike’s heart but his iPod which he had in his breast pocket. 

When I saw his neat response to a frustrated fan; with geek-y smiley, numbering and very clear instructions, I couldn’t help but go, “Awwwww mate!” Ike and me, the tech supports. Howzat?  That brought Hanson even closer to my heart if that’s possible, I swear. The next time I see Isaac, I am gonna greet him with, “Hey buddy!” Maybe we can exchange some tech support funny stories, like the one about the broken coffee holder, which turned out to be the CD compartment on the PC. 

THE Outages

hanson.net gave us a HUGE scare in March. I am sure that member or not member, you lived through the same horror. 

You come to log in, type your username and your password and instead of the blue welcome screen you get this: 

We're sorry, the login information you
supplied is incorrect. Please check your
information and try again. If you forgot
your password, please click the "Forgot
Password" button to retrieve it.

If you're certain your login information
is correct, please ensure your browser
has cookies turned on. Thank you!”

You go, “Shoot, I mistyped my password.” Happens, we all rush to see what’s happening on our favourite site.

But lo and behold! The same thing happens and as if the message is not horrific enough, it’s bolded and red. Oh. My. God.

You type the username and password again. Very slowly now, letter by letter. 

Same thing happens

What??? Forgot my password??  I have been using it for 9 years!!! Cookies, pastries? What’s going on???  What did I do??? What did I say??? Did my account expire??? Did my credit card max out? OH NO!!!

Then you start frantically emailing your Hanson friends, “What’s going on??? Can you get in???” and go visit some other message boards and post the same question without even seeing that it has already been posted 375 times. Then finally, you realize that other people have exactly the same problem and calm down a bit. A BIT. 

You continue trying every two minutes. You never know, it might work.

And then, in the 345,876th try, you get in! You get the blue welcome screen. YAY!!!!!  You rush to your favourite forum and you send kisses and smiley-s and hugs to anybody that is there, even the person you are normally always at loggerheads with. You post the oldest joke in universe, “Did Taylor break hanson.net again?” and actually think that it’s the funniest thing ever said. 

You need to hug someone for real and wish you could hug hanson.net and you can’t so you hug the PC screen. You shed a tear. And your family starts exchanging sad looks, “Yep. She lost the plot altogether.”

You didn’t do this? Not at least some of it? No? Ah well – then it must be only me.

At anyrate – what do you think? Are we, the Hanson fans, high or low maintenance?