Hanson Last Month
by H.notes Staff Writer mmm_marica@hanson.net


THAT out of the system, I need to say that I would love to be able to wait until I receive that precious little package from Japan so I can enlighten you with some thoughts about it. No? You don't think so? Oh.

Well I can't wait anyway. I am past my deadest deadline and I forgot that February is a short month.

Let's see what happened on the Hanson front since the last time we talked.

Hanson won $83,000 and a new fan. Well, if you want to be precise - it was Jackie (Jacks on hanson.net) that won the money on "Deal Or No Deal". But the guys were there on stage with her, about 10 times more nervous than her, shooting disclaimers left, right and centre: "We don't want to take the responsibility!"; hiding their eyes when the cases were being open and biting their nails in apprehension. I need to take a screenshot of Ike's face at a point. He looked like the weight of the world was on his shoulders. I am amazed that Taylor actually ventured to suggest the last number (seven right?) - so kudos man!

So then Jackie shouted "Deal!" it might as well have been Hanson that made that deal. That's how I felt.

The new fan I mentioned is not Jackie's hubby. Although, he should have become a fan if he hadn't been already. After all, the guys helped his wife win their long deserved honeymoon.

The new fan is MY hubby. The long suffering one.

You see, I am married to the biggest couch potato in the world. He has the TV remote control permanently attached to his hand to prevent anyone from touching it. He watches every quiz, reality, serial and documentary show on TV. I am not even mentioning sport and news. Well, he doesn't watch kiddies programmes in the morning. That's where he draws the line. Not because he is embarrassed, but because he needs to go to work at some point so he can earn the money for cable, chips and drinks so he can enjoy TV even more.

Anyway - when I told him that Hanson will be on "Deal Or No Deal" (and in the US mind you, with audience of 10 million!) his interest in the band grew exponentially! He is normally like, "Yes, dear" when I go into one of my rapturous tirades about anything Hanson. I told you he is the long suffering one, right? But this time he was like, "Oh yeah???" All ears and eyes! He was more impatient than me for the tape to arrive and as soon as it did, we watched it pronto. He sacrificed a rerun of "Amazing Race" for that.

He really enjoyed the show. He bopped when the guys did MMMBop and he totally agreed with the advice they gave to Jackie and he was as apprehensive as the guys throughout the show. He even asked me who is who so I went into, "This is Zac, he is the little one, this is Taylor, he is the middle one... " and so on.

I don't think that I will catch him with a Hanson CD or on a Hanson concert anytime soon, but that's because he is not into music (unless it's coming from the TV set as a part of a TV show). But let me put it this way: Hanson are definitely his favourite band that appeared in a quiz show.

To conclude this, I just need to add that this is one of my favourite TV appearances of the guys, if not my favourite one. Maybe not - that honour belongs to a Taiwanese show from 1997 with Madame Swallow. I need to take a screen shot of Taylor's "What the..." face from that one.

And to conclude the conclusion - well done Jackie!

This month we also got all the episodes of "Strong Enough To Break". Fear not, I will not discuss any of that since everyone and their goldfish have seen it plus it has been discussed ad nauseam on the forums. We got a few more teasers of "Taking The Walk", but I am not going to discuss that either because I can't. You see, I stopped watching the teasers after I saw Ike skydiving in Teaser 3. Not because I lost interest. But because I am scared to death what I might see next. Taylor free falling from a cliff? Zac crossing the Death Valley on a mountain bike? The guys venturing to a Tulsa mall? I have no guts to watch extreme sports, I am a mother for crying out loud.

The preview of The Walk, the record (i.e. the 30 secs clips of all the songs) was posted on one Japanese CD ordering site. Man oh man, did the forums explode or what! Every beat of every bar was discussed; lyrics deciphered and pondered on; lead and backup vocals tallied... Taylor won on technicality. Or was it Zac? Forget now - although I must admit that I kept tabs while listening. I mean, I had to! Don't blame me, blame the guys. After all, it was them that mentioned switching.

Let me start the final part of my monthly column (eh?) with a question.

How many ways can you divide the Hanson fanbase? Let's see:

  • Boys and girls.
  • Adults and almost adults (I think we can safely say that the majority of the fanbase is past voting age now)
  • Ike fans, Taylor fans, Zac fans and "no favourite" fans (ordered by the seniority of the favourite brother)
  • The ones that camp and the ones that do not camp.
  • The ones that push and the ones that don't push.
  • Private and public members of hanson.net
  • The ones that listen to preview clips and the ones that do not listen to preview clips.
  • The ones with opinion and the ones with opinion (no, it's not a typo)
I can go on until the cows come how (after all the guys are from Oklahoma!) - but you get my drift.

Well mates, add another two divisions there.

  • The ones that ordered the Japanese version of The Walk and the ones that didn't.
  • CD Japan or HMV Japan (as a subdivision of the above)
The last division happened the moment we realised that HMV Japan had shipped the CDs about 3 hours earlier than CD Japan.

That was dully announced on the forums and the HMV people started gloating all over the place while we, the CD Japan people, were so miffed. A little bit at CD Japan, a little bit at the whole free trade world that allows gaffes like this one but mostly at ourselves that chose the wrong CD company to order from.

But luckily, it didn't last long. The said three hours passed (or maybe whole 12 hours? Or was it 24? Doesn't matter) - and yours truly was able to post to the all the "CD Japan people" that "The Walk has been shipped!"

Which created a new sub-sub division.

  • The ones that paid express and the ones that paid normal shipping.
Since I belong to the group of the ones with normal shipping and no tracking, I am going to abruptly finish this and go and wallow in my misery.