Hanson - May 06

Don't you love hanson.net? (That's a rhetorical question by the way) Of course you do considering that you are sitting and reading my monthly rambling. Or at least the first paragraph Oh, OK. Bye! Have a nice day! (They left).

Now, since you are reading on, let's see how we can entertain ourselves this time.

Oh but let me finish first my thought about hanson.net. I love it. My favourite part is the photo section. Of course it has to be since I go there at least 50 times a day to check if new photos have been posted. Doesn’t matter that they haven't, I still go there at least 50 times a day!

And then of course the forums. I LOVE the forums, although a few times a day I say, "That’s it! This is an outrage! I am not posting anymore!"

How DARE he/she/it oppose what I am saying? How can she/he/it say that what I say is rubbish when that's my OPINION? Yes, capitals, italics, underline, bold and red. That is, if I can remember how to put "red" in html.

What??? The sun doesn't revolve around the earth? Well for me it does because I THINK SO. Again capitals, italics, underline, bold and red. Darn it, I can't remember the code for "red!"

So I storm out of the forums, madly pointing at the "Log Out" tab and clicking the left mouse button really, really hard. But then after 5 seconds I cool off and log back in and go straight to the Photos section to see if a new photo has been posted.

Oh and since last month I am in awe of the forum rules. Boy do they apply to everyone or what! Wink, wink nudge, nudge...

Pardon? Am I going to talk about Hanson last month? Oh yeah It's coming!

Hanson are in the studio, in earnest recording their next album. If that doesn't make you deliriously happy then nothing will. I would be even more deliriously happy if some new photos emerged since the last time we spoke but can't have all.

Speaking of emerging, the guys actually emerged from their studio cave a few times and that was to do some stuff on their favourite site. No, I am not talking about iTunes.

We got a couple of FUTY's. Actually 3 but one was calling us to do something naughty (paint the town for Hanson Day) so we will skip it. The other one was directing us to go to question number so and so and download Direction Step number so and so in "Ask a Ninja" on iTunes (repeat, no, that is NOT their favourite site people!) and is a perfect example of what happens to musicians when they spend too much time in the studio. They get very peculiar sense of humour.

And finally the third FUTY was a feast for the eyes and the ears. A piece of a song (or maybe two songs?) that sounded awesome. Attaguys! Of course the forums dissected the little sound clips note by note and yes, I concede there is "uncanny" resemblance to the Titanic title song "My Heart Will Go On." Whole 3 successive notes in the piano intro. Some other artists and songs were also mentioned, some of them quite obscure. It's just another proof that we, the fans, are experts in everything and anything. Which is good. Well, kind of.

So yeah, expect a bit of a Las Vegas cocktail bar lounge type of thing on the album Z.

The members' chat was awesome. I have missed only one chat that the guys did (anytime, anywhere) and that was this one. No, it wasn't a blizzard that stopped me from logging on. It wasn't a power blackout in Sydney. It wasn’t an earthquake. It wasn't our corporate firewall that doesn’t let a single 'work unrelated' character pass through. It wasn't me lying on my deathbed. It was a simple error in conversion of CDT into AEST. I amount it to being stressed out at work (that’s the activity I do in those few hours when I am not on hanson.net). Man I, like the majority of the Hanson fans, can convert time zones better than NASA. Just ask me what time it is now in Aberdeen, Scotland! Ask me what time it will be in 7 hours in T-Town. But it was destined to fail at some point.

But anyway. When I logged onto chat, all I saw was, " Thanks again -- it's been great chatting. We'll talk again soon!"

After I recovered from the concussion I got from banging my head a few times against the keyboard, I went to check the transcript. Did I say that it was a great chat? I can't discuss it here but also I can't and not mention a few words and phrases that came straight from the guys' mouth (or shall we say fingertips, spelling errors and all)

off the floor sound..
harder hitting.
hot pink!
Zac's gaseous fumes
evacuate the building
tornado passing
playing cards
travel mug,
"City of Heroes"
"Guardian" server,
Straight-up black drip coffee,
Cleatus Hanson

And to my great (own, personal and purely motherly) horror:
I'm about to go skydiving in two days :)

I assume that there are two possible outcomes of Taylor's skydiving adventure:

1. He survived
2. He wimped out

Had it been any other outcome, we would have read about it in the newspapers. Thank goodness, we didn't. Phew!

Let me also mention a little gem of a video clip an interview the guys did for the Boston University television station. The event took place late last year, however we learned about it last month so it belongs to this communiqué.

If it didn't have you in stitches then I don't know about you. For starters, normally zany Zac was the most coherent and serious one, talking corporate and such. Well, he is the CEO of 3CG after all.

On the other hand, the Mr. PR, Taylor Hanson (or shall we say Bog Wandas, his alter ego) was kind of out there, sitting on the far end of the couch, looking very relaxed and observing; having fun in his subdued way and occasionally interjecting with remarks about thrashing hotel rooms, roasting goats and stealing lotion bottles from Ramada Inn. I love people that can make jokes with a poker face. Ike was literally and figuratively in the middle, trying to put some order in that chaos.

But the most entertaining for me was the quick witted host (bless him!) who was trying to hide how much in genuine awe he was of the guys and repeating, "I am so going to get fired over this!"

By the end of the 10-minute segment, everybody lost the plot, and the four of them were rolling on the floor laughing. Even the subdued Bog Wandas.

Ike visited us on the forums the other day. He spent quite some time posting about anything and everything. He was having an "international moment" as someone put it nicely - visiting a few national threads in the International forum and saying "Hi". You know, those chatty threads that go pages and pages. I need to commend Ike for his patience here. It takes me a whole minute to open any of them and I have a fast Internet connection. Ike's posting definitely made those threads even longer, so I am expecting that they will bring hanson.net down any day now, they are that long.

My sentimental heart melted when I saw that Isaac went to the Norge! thread to ask how Marit's album was doing. Isn't he a sweetheart?

Lastly, I wanted to share a few thoughts o'mine about the phone interview that Taylor did for 93.5 FM CHMR, a St Johns, Newfoundland campus and community radio station. But my deadline is creeping with obscene speed. Besides, owing to the fact that the show was being web cast and that web-cast repeated in its entirety after 48 hours and the sound clips and the transcript posted on hanson.net and the forums respectively; and the interview discussed to the tiniest detail on the hanson.net board everyone and their grandmother know the contents. So I will spare you. From my thoughts, that is the interview was not bad.

See you next month and

Good luck Zac. All the best to you and your bride.