Hanson Last Decade
by H.notes Staff Writer mmm_marica@hanson.net

"These are KIDS for crying out loud, Brani! But it's your money..."

"Oh my god. I have to write that article."

Ten years (almost to the day) passed between those two statements that yours truly made.

Many things changed in between, actually everything I can think of changed in this decade between 1997 and this moment as I type this. The only thing the same is the subject. Grammatically, logically, literally, philosophically - you name it.

Both statements were made about Hanson.

The latter only a minute ago, after my Outlook appointment reminder popped on the screen and told me that I have a deadline for HNotes to meet tomorrow.

The former I said to my 14-year-old daughter, way back in 1997, right after she declared, "This is the record I want to buy, mum!" We were standing in a CD shop and looking at "Middle of Nowhere" on the shelf.

As I said - everything changed. Even that CD shop is not a CD shop anymore. It's "Babies Galore". Hm. Come to think of it and considering that Hanson have 4 kids under five among them, maybe... Naaaah. Not same.

But ... I don't want to talk about change. The very thought that I am 10 years older and in 1997 I was fort... (cough!) to begin with, makes me want to cry. So let's talk about the good and even better times I have had in these 10 years as a dyed-in-the-wool fan of the Fab 3. Yeah, yeah Beatles fans. I know.

But before I start to reminisce, I just need to say that I became a fan on impact only a week after that I made that condescending statement in the said CD shop. It was the first time I heard (and saw) MMMBop - it debuted at No 1. And I need to also say that I never thought that Taylor was a girl. I was told that he wasn't the moment the song started.

So way back in 1997 our family consisted of (in no particular order)

  1. My 14 year old "I will marry Taylor Hanson" daughter
  2. My humble, "I can't believe I love these kids' music" self
  3. My "I can't believe what has befallen on me" husband
  4. My 6 year old "Hanson who? All I want to do is play video games" son

Those were crazy times that lasted for about 2 years. How crazy? Just an example.

In early 1998, while I was in the middle of hectic preparations for a dinner party for 20 people happening the next day; my daughter burst in the kitchen with her eyes as wide as saucers.

"Mum, Ugly Phil just announced that there is a competition to give the weirdest message to Hanson and the weirdest one gets to go to Seattle on a concert!!! Can you make me a wedding cake with "Marry Me Taylor!!!" on top?"

Although dropping the cake glaze I was trying to make (those things have a mind of their own, swear to goodness) was very appealing to me - I made one feeble attempt to escape. After all, it's 20 people that I needed to feed the next day...

"When does it close?"

"Oh in 6 weeks - but I wanna be the first one and bring it in tomorrow, please please, please!!!!"

Another feeble attempt:

"Can we use this cake..."

"Are you crazy mum? It's a WEDDING cake that I need to make!!!"

I was a fan of the band too. Plus I was 14 once. Plus I love my kid. So I dropped everything and we dashed for the mall and we bought the stuff (a cute koala bride and groom included) and we spent the night baking, putting together and decorating the cake.

No. IIIIIIIIIIIII did all that. My daughter was too excited and just sat there on the kitchen bench and didn't stop OMG-ing.

I will not even attempt to describe our early morning cross town ride to 2DAY FM station with a three tier wedding cake with two koalas in wedding attire on top and the consternated look of the receptionist which soon turned into badly hidden attack of hysterical laughter. She recollected enough to ensure my anxious daughter that she "will put that in the fridge right away and make sure that Ugly sees it first thing when he comes in". As we were leaving I whispered to her, "You guys eat it - it's a very good cake". I hope they did and that it didn't finish in the rubbish bin.

Yeah it was crazy. But beautiful at the same time.

As I said that lasted for about two years. By 1999 my daughter totally burned out as a fan. Yes, that's correct. She didn't stop being a fan.

So from then on and to this day our family has only one Hanson fan and things are a LOT calmer. Well... We need to overlook a few minor things:

  • My husband's consternation when I announce "I just bought a plane ticket for Vancouver to see Hanson in concert! I am travelling in two weeks!" I really don't know why his jaw dropped - it's just the Pacific that I need to cross, it's not like I am going on another planet! Right?
  • A couple of hot dog or take out pizza dinners that we have every week just because I have something very urgent, "Hanson related" to finish. Like a collage to make or dub a tape or just check the net or find that article where they talked that Taylor drank a particular kind of beer and I couldn't remember which (Saranac by the way) or find that Deal On No Deal video tape and check what was the dollar amount that Jackie made the deal with. By the way, I think that we would have lost the brothers in a collective heart attack if she'd gone any further. Anyway, it's all an important stuff in a life of a Hanson fan.
  • A panic attack that I get every time I need to tape Hanson on my VCR. I am deeply convinced that those are evil contraptions, the VCRs. And the remote control plainly scares me. Then my husband brings me a drink and my daughter takes on herself to "program one VCR and personally tape the show on the other one, JUST in case" and answer all my dopey questions like," Why is this red light flashing? You sure it needs to be like that?"
  • My husband's mild frustration when, all of I sudden. I decide to change the cable plan so I can get Jimmy Kimmel and tape Hanson. He loses his favourite sports channel, I admit, but what's that in comparison with a week that I have to wait while the tape sent to me from North America arrives? Please.
  • Me bursting in my daughter's room at 3 am and scaring her out of her wits, "I GOT REPORTER!!!"
  • My son being so upset after I erased one of his tapes containing the Nacsar race from the previous night. He didn't get the chance to see it - because I used it to make a copy of some Hanson tape or other - JUST IN CASE. I really don't know why he was upset. Every race looks the same, a bunch of guys driving 200 mph in a circle.
  • And so on. You get the picture. All trifles.

Sometimes I am amazed that my family hasn't fired me yet. But if you think of it - they can't. I mean - I am sure that the thought occured to them but after they weighed all the pros and cons they must have decided to not take action. I am still a pretty good cook and not to mention how well I iron my hubby's shirts and I also bring a pay check every second Thursday and take a good care of them.

Let me finish by saying that my fondest memory is Hanson related. No, it's not the aforementioned reporter job. That certainly goes in the "most stressful" category. If you don't know what I mean - read my report.

No. It was my daughter's Senior Mother-Daughter Gala dinner which was a few years ago. It was a high-end affair held in the Sydney Hilton. Evening gowns and stuff like that. After the dinner and the speeches and the awards and what not - the dance party started with... MMMBop. Just like that. During that unforgettable intro, about 30 of my daughter's classmates rushed to our table and dragged us to the dance floor. And then they stood in a circle around us clapping and singing along while my daughter (ex-Hanson fan) and I danced. Just two of us on the dance floor. And MMMBop.

Mother daughter stuff doesn't get any better than that if you ask me.

Now pass me those tissues and see you next month.