Hanson Last Month
by H.notes Staff Writer mmm_marica@hanson.net

I don't know about you but I think that Hanson spoiled us rotten last month. News, video clips, song clips, leaks, pictures and... other stuff.

Boy, where to I start? From the end I guess.

Hanson released a song called Great Divide on iTunes. All proceeds from the song will go to HIV Research Unit in Soweto, South Africa.

It's awesome, awesome song, everything I was hoping a Hanson song would be. I wouldn't go here explaining what that is in order to not have my head chopped off by the purists (our three guys included) who prefer more "organic, textural" stuff from the Fab Three.

Ah what the heck - I have to let it out! I love Great Divide. It has everything that I love in a song - it's up tempo, has a killer of a guitar riff, awesome killer of a (looks around) quote lead unquote vocal, killer signature Hanson harmonies, killer production with a choir Hanson literally traveled half way across the world to record it. It's rich, layered anthem-like song that raises the hair on the nape of my old neck every time I listen to it. It's blasting in my headphones now, making me jive in rhythm to a great enjoyment of my family who stopped watching TV and is watchimg me now.

But anyway - it's also preventing me to type and finish this month's Hanson rundown on time. By the way, I think I will use this as an excuse for my Editor for being late as usual. You think it will fly? Hm...

Got enough to kill me? Okay shoot! Uh... not before I tell you this. If you got the song any other way but coughing up that dollar on iTunes (come on, we all know that Hanson fans are not normal, they are capable of digging out and leaking songs that are still in the Hanson collective head) - please cough it up. That dollar won't buy you half a cup of whatever you like drinking - and it will go to a great cause. Buy the T-shit too.

Okay you didn't shoot me, so I am continuing.

We had a flood of FUTY's. Or it's ef-you-tee-why? Or was it fah-tee? Few-tee? Or as Zac put it - footy? Click here if you don't believe me

Forgive the digression here - but I need to inform the ones concerned that I am suffering from the early onset of Alzheimer's that despite that it's called footy in both Sydney and Melbourne, we are talking about two different codes of rugby (NRL vs. AFL) and in UK that means another sport altogether and that is football. Don't call it soccer in my presence if you want to live.

Where was I? Ah yes. Footy.

Hanson were "from us-ing" ( Zac Hanson ) like there is no tomorrow. We got six of those precious movie vignettes since the last time we spoke. Of course that is membership only stuff but I am allowed to say that they were all snippets from putting the finishing touches on the new record. Zac introduced them all and as much as I don't like facial hair or attempt of it on any Hanson brother (well maybe Ike can pull it off in my book) - I totally understand it now. You get so bogged down in the studio. I am surprised that they do not forget to eat and drink. Shave? Psh.

So we saw Hanson tweaking the finalized songs. We saw a way for a songs to leak to the omnipresent and ever-hungry Hanson fanhood. I mean do you bother to take the CD out of the player when you take your car for a wash? We saw Taylor - the perfectionist, fussing over his vocal. It's not lead. Please. It's just the one that sings the melody. We saw Zac playing a funny percussion instrument with scissors so it "cuts" through the music. Gotta give it to them: they are more funny than yours truly. As if you didn't know that already.

And I saw what I never thought that I would ever see in my life. Ever. And that is a keyboard player gushing over his gear. I thought that it was only the guitar players that did that. That only they get all misty eyed when they talk about their blond '72 Tele or describe with a lump in their throat the distortion of their FullDrive 2 pedal.

Well ladies and a couple of gentlemen - Taylor did exactly that. He shed an odd tear, right there on the Wurlitzer keyboard that his fingers were flying over, trying to relate to somebody how he felt about the way the "keys bounce".

All I need to see now is Zac bursting into tears talking about his 16" Zildjan A Thin Crash cymbal and... I have seen it all.

Cool stuff.

We also got another HITZcast with three-part harmony intro that caused quite a discussion on the board. Cute. Corny. Cool. Funny. Cheesy. Amazing. LOVE it! HATE it. A hundred fans expressed 345,654 opinions. At anyrate, Hanson talked 15 minutes about... um, stuff but I don't think that anybody was listening what they were saying. We were all straining our ears to hear the Great Divide that was being played in the background.

But before all this we had a chat where Hanson revealed a lot of things such as the possible first single, distribution of leads, how the album will not sound like (Ugly Truth) and how it will sound like (off-the floor) as well as the earth-shattering news that Zac switched from PC to Mac.

Of course all that cased yours truly a great vexation and enticed me to post something titled "What are Hanson doing???" all with an appropriate emoticon - forget what it was now. I know, I know... I should be ashamed and I am. But I am only human and like any human and their dog on this planet, I think I know better then Hanson how they should run their career and make their music choices.

As a Hanson photos tragic, I can't pass on the opportunity and not mention here a few dozen new Hanson photos from the Hollywood Film Festival published on Wireimage. Of course I upgraded my subscription to the max so I can enjoy them without the watermark. Talk about cloud nine and then some. The guys looked spiffy. All three had suits but Ike had a tie, Zac a very cool t-shit and Taylor wore a scarf. You didn't see that one coming, now, did you? As for the respective Mesdames Hanson - let's see... Uh, let's not. But they looked really glamorous, didn't they?

What else did we get? Oh yeah a hotline message, two new items in the store (2007 calendar and a cool t-shirt) and... a bag of chips. I am telling you - Hanson overload.

Speaking of which, I better wrap this up. But not before I mention the somewhat alarming posts (alarming for me!) that started appearing all over the place. The title is usually something like "Hanson Ten Year Anniversary Project" or "Hanson Tribute Project" or "Hanson 10 year anniversary < insert bedding item of choice here>". I see that mates and I get this visual of Ike, a grown, 26 year old, married man, going trough numerous scrapbooks with pages and pages and pages of drawings, collages and pastings with signs like 1997-2007 and MMMBop and From MON - to The Walk and photos of himself: from a young and gangly 16 year old teen to his wedding photo from a couple of months ago. And all that splashed with glitter of every colour known to man. I know there will be pure love dripping from every single page (I am not sarcastic) but please. Let's give the thing a bit of a thought before we go and raid the closest stationary shop.

Merry Christmas and talk to you soon.