Hanson Last Month
by H.notes Staff Writer mmm_marica@hanson.net

"A wedding? I love weddings! Free drinks all around!"

Oops! I am sorry.

That's just me quoting my beloved Johnny Depp and his alter ego Jack Sparrow from the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise.

Yes mates, (in pirate lingo by the way, not mock Australian jargon) - we had another wedding in the Hanson world last month.

This time it was Ike that married his "longtime girlfriend". Fear not, I am not making fun of the gorgeous Ike's bride, it's just that... it's just that... the Hanson publicist should have really put a wee bit of thought and tried to not repeat themselves for the third time. But hey.

The photo of the beaming Isaac (boy, I have never seen such big smile on anyone in my life!) and his lovely barefoot bride made all the magazines around the world, peppered with various references to MMMBop. Here, Down Under, it made a whole page in the antipodean version of the People Magazine called the Who Magazine and which I promptly bought and showed to everyone that asked to see it and many people that didn't. That means casts of thousands, my 98 year old half blind neighbour included. Of course everyone's comment was the same, "Oh my, does time fly!" It sure does. It was only yesterday when those 3 tykes... let's not go there. Let me wipe a tear here.

I don't really know about that "free drinks all around" but from what we saw from the cellphone photos posted on the internet within minutes from when they were taken, it was pretty wild, which was also confirmed by Zac. For me personally, it was great that Hanson, the band, performed at the wedding. Good on you Ike to call my favourite band to your wedding.

The bride's dress was... it was... ahh... (swoons, lost for words)

So this closes an era in the Hanson, the band, history. Not exactly hansonitically correct though.

Taylor first, then Zac and then Ike, the last? Please. We don't want to have any of that, in that sequence but sometimes, strangely enough, there is nothing we can do about it. Maybe Taylor is the "lead singer" after all, eh?

So! That out of the way, with the my final congratulations and best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. C. Isaac Hanson, let's move on.

If you remember my last month's epistle, I mentioned reappearance of an old and dear friend of Hanson on the forums and promised that I would talk about that this month. Hm. For the ones that don't remember - you will have to take my word on it.

My word on what? I just tied myself in a knot here. But just as well, I decided to not talk about it anyway, since his post in the forums caused enough controversy in a sense what comes first, the chicken or the egg. A film festival or the devoted fans that have been here for Hanson since the last millennium and have been waiting for the DVD for, like, FOREVER, like, a year or maybe two. This is supposed to be a lighthearted piece, right?

Bottom line, the Strong Enough To Break documentary was shown at the Hollywood Film Festival last night (October 22nd) in front of a sold out crowd with Q&A after and of which I can't tell you anything. For one, I wasn't there and secondly I can't even go to the forums to have a look at all of those "IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!" posts which I am sure are there, since I am pulling an all-nighter here to meet the drop deadline.

Of course the guys came to LA a couple of days before the screening and they appeared on KTLA in an ungodly hour in the morning, half asleep (at least the only father in the band). They all looked mighty fine though, facial hair or not. Ike showed off his wedding ring and beamed as usual. Did I say that he is the happiest groom that I have ever seen? Sorry for the digression, but I have to mention the comment of my hubby for 27 years: "Poor fellow, little he knows..." I have no idea what he meant by that.

What else was there in October?

A new song called "The Ugly Truth" that Hanson put up for free download on hanson.net. Of course there was also a whole palaver with that as usual (man, we the fans are just impossible to please) but that's a cool song. Up-tempo, bluesy, rocky kinda feel, with Taylor on the "le... um, nevermind. Some called it a "stoner" song, but hey, after the Hanson appearance with Bob Weir in the notorious Wetlands Club in NYC in 1999, something must have rubbed off ole Bob. Musically speaking of course! Sheesh....

Not a bad song. Actually pretty good one and especially when you think that it's for a soundtrack of a movie like that. Like what, you may ask? C'mon guys, it has "lampoon" in the title. But hey - publicity is publicity, a gig is a gig, let's move on.

We had a bunch of FUTY's last month. Video ones too, where the hanson.net webmaster showed some ingenuity how to disable downloads and subsequently leaks on YouTube. I must give the victory to him for the moment. But I fear mates, I fear. We are talking the Hanson ingenuous fanbase here that they have to deal with. So stand by to see who wins.

I can't tell you the gory details of the FUTU's, just a few teasers. Taylor plugged an Al Yankovic song with a title that confused us. So, is it OK or not OK to download songs, Taylor?

Then we got a couple of precious little videos from the studio, facial hair and all. (I know, I know, I said that already!) We got snippets of a couple of songs. I heard Ike wailing on "his axe" and boy, am I liking it!

And then yesterday we got a little gem from Zac - a thank you FUTY for all our good wishes for his 21st birthday. The guy is a genius, facial hair or not. Okay. I will shut up on the facial hair for the time being, but I hope the guys got the hint.

Did I miss anything guys? I probably did, but doesn't really matter - you knew all this anyway and much more.

I will leave you in peace to enjoy the rest of the HNotes but not before I say this:

Loved the little dance in your birthday (or shall we say, birth) suit Zac!