Hanson Last Month
by H.notes Staff Writer mmm_marica@hanson.net

Boy, is it going to be short and sweet this month! Unless... some idea strikes before I finish the first 500 words. Let's see if you're lucky this time.

Three events shook our Hanson community this month but I will mention only two. The third one, re-appearance of an old and dear friend of Hanson on the hanson.net forums happened after my deadline (shhhh... my editor is reading!) so maybe we will talk about it next month.

First (well not chronologically but by importance) we had an addition to the Hanson clan. The little River Samuel Hanson - Taylor's third child arrived in this world. I must say that I am impressed and I take my hat off to Taylor's wife. Three kids in four years. Wow! Yours truly needed five years to even think to consider the remote possibility that maybe in the distant future, if all lines up, career wise and otherwise - I might have a second baby. I eventually did, by the way.

So congratulations Taylor and thank you for the most precious photo of you and your brood in my collection. They had to mop me up from the floor - I kid you not.

Then we had a visit from Zac on the forums. He posted about his favorite movie for the second time! I usually do not check out everything that Hanson recommend, especially music. After all, they do not listen to Hanson and that is my fave band of all time and eternity - so how can I trust their tastes? But Zac was so enthusiastic - so I will have to cave in here and see it (Little Miss Sunshine) when it opens in Australia. It will hopefully be before November 15 when the DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 comes out and when I will be lost for everything else for the next 6 months.

By the way, if it looks like I am boosting my word count here - (I know I know, I have used that phase before) you are so wrong. I am boosting my word count.

Then Zac told us about his favourite TV show (The Office) and it's not my favourite TV show either (if you care, it's House). The Office I have watched only one episode of - then decided that it's a waste of my time because I am a participant of a reality show with that name which has been going on for 25 years in my life - and it's just as hilarious as the one that Zac mentioned.

The next thing that Zac mentioned (he was on a roll, I tell ya!) was the new merchandise. Among other things, he mentioned travel mugs. I would have preferred a beer mug - but hey, gotta think of the under 18's or under 21's on here. I am hopeful that the travel mug will have the guys' pretty mugs on it - so I am breathlessly checking out the store. I feel kinda bad that I am using the Hanson mug that I had made in the print shop up the street. That's coffee mug by the way. Zac mentioned some other merchandise that is currently being designed so... commercial break... keep your eyes peeled on the store.

And lastly - the biggest news and I am quoting Zac:

"Strong Enough To Break" is going to be in the Hollywood Film Festival!!!

Of course it caused a pandemonium in our Hanson community. I bet that the HFF web site crashed in a screaming heap from the onslaught of us, the Hanson fans that went immediately to check it out. But it's pretty cool news now, isn't it? I am sure that the guys (and especially their better halves) are already in a tizzy what to wear when they go hobnobbing with the Hollywood honchos at the premiere. I know, it's an art and documentary movies festival and it's not red carpet, glitz and glamour and all that; but you need a lot of money and a lot of styling to look like you just rolled out of bed.

So good luck AshG and guys - and I hope we do not lose them to movies. At least not to C grade ones. A movie with Johnny Depp would be cool though - even a walk in scene.

So that was Zac - spelling mistakes and all. Gotta love the guy for that. In case you haven't noticed my Eastern-European typing, I am of non-English speaking background and I had this witch of an English teacher for 4 years in high school that scared and scarred me for life so I get a heart attack at every spelling mistake I make. So good on ya Zac, and your creative spelling. I love it!

Not a sausage from Ike last month apart from some rumours but that is part and parcel of being a Hanson fan and I will not even mention them. Oh, I already did. Sorry.

So that was Hanson in September.

See ya next month.

NO hang on!!! Come back! There is more!!!

How could I forget??? Man, I am slipping. It must be the age that is catching up with me, I will turn %@ next year.

We got 20 new studio photos guys. Well, "new" old (or new "old"?) ones if you know what I mean. From way back when Zac was still footloose and fancy-free and Taylor was still a daddy of two. But still an enormous thing. Massive. Not for you I know, but for me that thrives on Hanson photos.

The first batch of 10 photos showed lots of facial hair and various parts of Taylor's body and him playing anything but his own instrument. Yours truly panicked and posted a breathless rant in my resident forum titled, "What Are Hanson Doing?" The others assured me that Hanson are doing just FINE and to not judge an album that is yet to be finished, let alone released, by a bunch of artsy-fartsy photos. Which is quite true, I must somewhat begrudgingly admit.

That's why, when the second batch of photos, this time Zac at the wrong instrument; as well as various parts of his body - when that second batch of photos was posted - I took it almost calmly. But also maybe because there was a photo that gave me a hope: the one with the two elder Hanson brothers each playing their own instrument and I assume that the youngest one was behind the camera. What a relief! Silly me. There was some more of Taylor again at the wrong instrument - but I am fine now. He ain't a shabby drummer either. No mater what he says.

Oh you wanna know what he says? Let's see.

When asked by Rick "the Temp" Campanelli of Much Music in June 1998 which songs on 3 Car Garage he plays drums on, Taylor quipped:

"The ones where the drumming is really bad!"

And with that, I bid you farewell until the next month.