As one of music fans, let me write here what I am doing.
I have been always inspired Hanson in many ways. For my future carrier, there were two choices. Working for a record company or teaching English at high school.

About applying for a record company, each company required the applicants challenging but great tasks, for example, what would you like to do if you were the President of the company, using this sheet of paper,
Write an essay on what do you think the music business would be in the future?
Describe yourself on this sheet of paper freely,
Write about a side of you that nobody knows

I did not embellish at all but wrote what I always think for music, what I had learned from Hanson. I passed the documentary examination for two companies and had an interview test. I could not pass any further test but through this opportunity I bought books about music business and searched a lot about music business on the internet. I re-built my vision for standing up for great music of all kinds.

Now I passed the exam and started teaching English at high school in Tokyo. In Japan, not many students listen to the radio. As you mentioned about radio, radio stations in Japan are also not good. All the station plays the same music.

It has been almost a year since I started working at school. At school, I introduce one song a month through a year. I help students get the message of the song and learn about the artist. High school students go though a lot of things, about friends, family, study, future and learn about themselves. I guess high school days must be the time when people need to listen to good music a lot. Music can talk to heart. Students loved the music I introduce. Every year I get 240 students. I want them to be a good English leaner as well as a good music fan!

School in Japan starts in April and ends in March. In April 2006, 240 students got enrolled but 60 students already dropped out. Many student who come to my school do not like studying at all and they have no dream for tomorrow or for the future. They can not find what they want to do. They are not good at study, sports and communicating with people. They have problems in family. But for me, they are great students. They are really friendly and it is fun to talk with them.

I really hope when you come to Japan next time, you will drop by my school and sing for my students and talk about your passion for music. That will give them something special.