Tour Report
Tokyo #2
by mutusko

First of all, I would like to thank Ash and Leigh for giving me the once in a lifetime opportunity and helped my dream come true. It had been my dream to talk to Hanson since I heard MmmBop on the radio in 1997, I was 14 years old at that time. I started learning English very hard to understand Hansonline, what Hanson said, and to talk to them. Now I am 21
years old, majoring English education at Teachers College. Through learning English, I met many great people anyone could ask for and I had great experiences that have helped me to be who I am today. ..

Six M&G winners and I got together at 4pm and went to the entrance. We were told to come to the will call at 5:15pm. So we talked for an hour together and went up to the will call. We talked to staff and they told us everything was going behind schedule. A tragic scenario, "M&G would be canceled" flitted through my mind. But the staff told us, "Do not
worry. There is a M&G!!! Just come back here at fifteen to six." So we split up for a while and got together again.

We got the passes (I got two passes. One is the same with M&G winners and another is for a reporter/photographer.)

We followed the staff and got into the room. The Staff told us, "Please wait here while a winner from a radio program is having a M&G. Hanson is behind schedule but you have nothing to worry. Hanson cares about members most!" We were very glad to hear that. Waiting for
Hanson to come in for about 10 minutes, WOW here they came!!! We just screamed!

Fist Taylor said, "Do you wanna get autographs?" I asked Taylor to write my name in Japanese. He practiced a little bit. That was really interesting to see how he wrote Japanese characters. Each of us talked to Hanson. I took some casual shots. It was kind of frustrating that we could not move easily because there were sofas and tables in the room. We took the group pics. It was time for the interview.

Ike asked "Who is the reporter?" I said, "Me!!" Everyone got out the room. Hanson, an interpreter, staff and I went out to the hallway. The interpreter asked me if I needed her help. I said "NO!!!" I have been studying English for this moment for 7 years. I wanted Hanson to hear mywords.

Ike: So, five questions, right?
Me: Yes. My name is Mutsuko.
Hanson: Mutsuko!

Me: okay. Here is the first question. With the tour in Japan coming to close, hard to imagine, how!|s Japan tour this time? How do you feel right now, one more show left?

Ike: It!|s been cool.

Zac: Yeah, it!|s been cool. Because we could go to Osaka and Nagoya!

Ike: Japanese fans had never seen the electric show.
Tay: This is a beautiful venue. We are warmed up. It will be a good show!

Me: In a month, it!|s Christmas. What would you like for Christmas?

Zac: Delta 68. (I could not catch the word. So Tay spelled it out for me.)

Tay: D E L T A 68. It is a pinball game.

I want a hammock.

Ike: U2 iPod. It is a special edition. Black, white and red.

Me: Do you always give presents each other?
(They looked each other and did not say Yes! It was like y-e-s!K)

Tay: Last year, I gave you (Zac) the Lord of the Ring!Kright? (sorry I could not catch the word)

Zac: Yeah, and I gave you (Tay) an ax.

Me: Ax? Oh,okay. Well, this is the third question. When I listened to "Strong Enough To Break," I thought, "I wanna do music, too!" So I began playing guitar.

Hanson: That!|s cool.

Me: What songs of yours do you recommend me to play as a beginner?

Tay: "MmmBop." The bridge is a little bit difficult though. And "Hey" is also good to play. "When You!|re Gone" It is two codes. So it!|s easy. And "Sure About It"

Me: Wow, thank you. I will practice these songs. Then, here is the fourth question. I am a person who thinks about a thing too much. How do you make up your mind, when there are two ways and you have to choose one?

Ike: We have been playing for a long time together. We think how others feel.

Zac: Just be happy with it. That!|s what I am doing.

Tay: Ask others. Let things go.

Me: Wow, that!|s great. Okay, here is the last question. I know you have been asked many questions. So I figured it out that I would ask,

"Do you have any questions to Japanese fans or about Japanese culture?

Zac: Why do Japanese people eat a lot of pork? We eat cow.

Tay: Could you give me a recipe for ramen? That!|s really good!

Ike: Can you send frozen sushi by FedEx? And okay, one more question!

Me: well, this is not a question. Japanese musicians talk a lot during the show. So we are little bit sad that you do not talk a lot during the show. We always listen to your songs on CDs. We can not see you on TV because we are in Japan. We would like to see you talking!

Zac: Well, then, no music! Just talking! Here is Hanson!!!
(Zac started saying the lyrics, it was more like reading.)

Ike: We speak English, so I!|m afraid that Japanese fans do not understand what we say.

Me: It does not matter. We would like to hear you talk and some of us understand!

Tay: okay, we will try because we are talkative!

Me: Thank you.

Staff: well, it!|s time to take a picture.

Me: Okay, thank you so much.

I gave them some presents and shook hands with them and took a picture.

Ike: Please write a review in Japanese, too so that Japanese fans can read.

Me: Yes, I will. Thank you!!!

While they were leaving, all I could say is Thank you, thank you!

I went into the hall around 7pm. Bleu came to the stage. Everyone stood up. Somebody asked him, "How are you doing?" He said "Great." I went to the Tokyo#1 on 22nd. At
the show, nobody stood. I think it is because we just did not know him. But this time I felt something different. I guess many Hanson fans who went to see other shows, Tokyo#1, Osaka, and Nagoya got to know Bleu and like his music. His music is really unique, eBand. He played guitar and a keyboard little by little and made music which sounded as if he played
with a full band.

Somebody Else
Wefll Do it All Again
Go(with Zac Hanson)
When "We!|ll Do it All Again" ended, Zac came to the stage. Bleu playd
the guitar and Zac sang "Go" putting his hand in his trouser pocket.

Bleu took some pictures of the audience with his camera from the stage.


There was an announcement that the show would start soon so everybody got back to own seats. Ike, Zac and Taylor came to the stage!!! They opened with "Optimistic", "Dancinf in the Wind", "Wherefs the Love", and "Rock N Roll Razorblade" We got so excited. These first songs set the
mood of the concert. Hanson said, "Kon ban wa" (good evening) and "Do mo arigato" (Thank you) in Japanese between the songs.

Next came "Broken Angel" by Zac. He went up to the piano and said, "Okay, wefre gonna bring it down." He asked us if we had any requests. Some of us said, "I will com to you." Zac started singing after saying, "Ifll just play from the new album."

Then it was Ikefs turn to sing. Before his solo, he told us that, "I wish my Japanese is good." Somebody from the fans said, "Do not worry about it." Ike said, "I thought somebody would understand." And Ike continued saying he was going to play a new song. That was a really beautiful song! We love it. One of the audience asked the title and he answered that it is called "Being Me."

Zac and Taylor came back to the stage. Taylor said, "We are going to be little down." As "Underneath" began, the lights on the stage changed the colors and showing something on the wall. It was beautiful.

"Hand in Hand" was like, a guitar featured version. It seemed like Ike played the song with some strong feelings.

"In a Little While" was also my favorite. It was apparent to me that how much Hanson has grown up as a musician and now they knew that where their music is going. And how much Hanson loves U2. I felt that Hansonfs voice really went
well with the song.

Man from Milwaukee: it seemed like the fans really went to crazy for old classics like this. It was not bad at all about it because for most of us, "Middle of Nowhere" is the album that let us know Hanson. But I just hoped that the fans also go crazy for songs from "Underneath" as well. "Every Word I Say" was up next. Before they start playing the song, Ike
went to Taylor and said something to him. We did not hear at all but after that, Taylor said, "Somebody asked to play this song tonight." After the show I knew that it was one of my friends, who got a M&G tonight. This happened to the show in Osaka, and maybe in Nagoya, too. Ike and Taylor sometimes got close to the fans and actually the fans in the first row touched them. Hanson is so kind. They really think about their fans. This is one of the reasons that I love Hanson and going to see their concerts.

Zac went on playing the drums to "MmmBop." I did not know why but it seemed like Taylor did not feel right. But as the song began, Ike looked at Zac and nodded as if he was saying "It is okay."

They announced it would be their last song for the show. I knew that there is not a show that has no ending. But the announcement made me cry, so did others. As "Lost without Each Other" began, everybody got so excited again.
Hanson said "Thank you" and left the stage. We were all waiting for the encore, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson!K.. Hanson returned to the stage with the guitar player, the bass player and Bleu!!! Bleu played the piano and Taylor played the guitar and sometimes played the piano with Bleu and
jumped on the top of the piano. Taylor tried getting the fans involved by singing this part of the song: It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll. All of them on the stage were smiling and looked really enjoying the song. It was the best highlight of the show that we could
feel because it was the electric full band show! They took their hands each other and made a bow, saying, "Do mo arigato" which means "thank you." As they leaving the stage, Ike and Taylor threw their guitar pics to the fans. I heard one of my friends got a pic from Taylor. He did not
throw the one but gave it to her. Itfs amazing!!!

During their stay in Japan, Taylor was sick and we really worried about him. Seeing him perform on 26th, I guess he was getting better. It seemed like Hanson talked more than they did on 22nd. I hope that is because I asked them to do that in the interview. During the show, Taylor got the audience involved. Ike led the music, he gave a sign to the staff to adjust the volume, and Zac, he always smiled!!! Japan is far from America and we usually do not see them on TV or on the radio. We had been waiting for Hanson to come to Japan for a long time! Some of the fans started cried when the show started. Seeing them, I felt how much we love
Hanson and how great Hanson is. I was also confirmed the power of music.

Music talks to heart. We love you, Hanson!

After the show, some fans got close to the stage to get the set list. I was the one of them. I shouted, "George!!!" He is from He gave me the set list. Thank you so much, George!

Set list:

Dancinf in the Wind
Wherefs the Love
Minute Without You
Rock N Roll Razorblade

Solo Zac Broken Angel
Solo Ike Being Me

Hand in Hand
In a little While
Man From Milwaukee
Every Word I say
Mmm Bop
Lost Without Each Other

Long Way to the Top with Bleu

Once again, I would like to thank Ash and Leigh for choosing me to be a reporter. It was an amazing day. Thank you to Hanson for having M&G! Now I have to say thank you to all of the people who worked for this tour. And thank you to the reporters for Tokyo#1, Osaka and Nagoya. You helped me to get ready for Tokyo#2. Japanese fans! It was my first time to meet many of you but I did not feel that it was the first time. I thought we have known each other for a long time. Thank you.