Teacher Education and Licensing

This is for my graduate thesis

Hello. My name is Mutsuko. This is my last year at Teachers college in Tokyo. My Major is English Education. I am working on my graduate thesis. I am interested in how teachers who teach English/Language Arts as a foreign language are educated in each country. I would appreciate it if you could give me information about teacher education, student teaching, teacher licensing in your country. If you could give me the web address that shows the academic requirements to be licensed in your country or in your state, or syllabus or catalog that shows what your university requires the students to take under the license framework, that would be great. Generally, if Japan, who want to be a teacher goes to junior college or university which has a teacher education program accredited by the Minister of Education, Science, and Culture. In senior year at college, with expectations of completion of the teacher education program and recognition of a bachelorfs degree program, which means that the expectation of being licensed, you can apply for teacher examination to teach in pubic school. The exam is held by the board of education in each prefecture in summer. If you want to teach in Tokyo, you have to take the exam in Tokyo. If you want to teach in Shizuoka, you have to take an exam in Shizuoka. You can take as many as exams unless the examination day is not the same day. When you pass the examination, you will be told which school you are going to teach by the end of the school year, which means March in Japan. We have spring semester (15 weeks) and fall semester (15 weeks) in a year. Most of the classes are two credits. We have each class once a week, 90 minutes. To be licensed to teach English at junior high school, the Minister of Education, Science, and Culture requires us to take 60 credits in total, covering these areas below. Introduction to teaching (2) Theory and history of teaching (2) Educational psychology (2) Introduction to students with exceptional needs (2) Introduction to school organization (2) Moral Education (2) Theory and methods in school activities (2) Principle of teaching in junior high school (2) Theory and methods in guidance (2) Theory and methods in counseling (2) Seminar in Education (2) Student teaching (at least three weeks) (5) We go to a junior high school from 9am-5pm five days a week. During the student teaching, we do not go to college. Under the License Framework of the Minister of Education, Science, and Culture, students must take eight credits from Teaching Methods in the content area. So our college requires us to take Methods and Materials in Teaching English 1,2,3,4 (2 credits each) E Content area(English) Under the License Framework of the Minister of Education, Science, and Culture, Students must take at least twenty credits from four English content areas below. (at least one credit from each area) 1.English Studies 2.British/American Literature 3.English Communication 4.Multicultural Education Our college requires us to take, 1.English Studies EIntroduction to English Linguistics@(2) EGrammar A@(2) EIntroduction to History of English (2) 2.@British/American Literature EIntroduction to British/American Literature A@(2) EIntroduction to British/American Literature B (2) 3.@English Communication EWriting 1 (1) ESpeaking 1 (1) 4.@Multicultural Education EIntroduction to British Culture (2) EIntroduction to American Culture (2) Under the License Framework of the Minister of Education, Science, and Culture, students must take more than eight credits from the subjects related to Teaching or English. So our college requires us to take English Education and IT (2) Teaching/Learning Materials Development (2) Curricular Development (2) Study of English Education (2) These classes above almost meet the academic requirements for the teaching license, however our college requires us to take all the classes below, too. Writing2,3,4,5,6 (one credit each) Speaking2,3,4,5,6 (one credit each) Grammer1,2 (two credits each) Study of Modern English(syntax) (2) More than 14 credits by taking these classes below. Theory of Grammar 1 (2) Theory of Grammar 2 (2) History of English Studies A (2) History of English Studies B (2) Grammar B (2) Study of Grammar (2) British Literature 1 (2) British Literature 2 (2) American Literature 1 (2) American Literature 2 (2) Poetry (2) Play (2) British Culture (2) American Culture (2) Fundamentals of Reading Literature (2) Study of English Education A (2) Study of English Education B (2) Introduction to student teaching (2) Graduate Thesis (4) Thank you so much. If you have any questions and comments, please write to me at mmmutsuko2@hotmail.com

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