“ Inside Nanda’s Mind “



Once, an Italian friend told me that we should never Thank our friends for anything they do, for all that they do, they do it with their hearts. Well, even if that is true I will still go on with my Thank Yous.  So just in case that you do not know how important you might be to me, here it is!!!




First of all , a very Special Thanks to Lisa Miceli, a very special girl who has helped me a whole lot with the Italian side of this website. Without you I would have not been able to achieve this perfection with my still improving Italian!!! Thanks a lot!



 Thanks to everyone who has had a great and important impact in my life. It would have been almost impossible for me to add every single name on the list here.

To all the people I have met and became friends with in the most different paths of my life. The ones I know for a life time, the ones who studied with me since first grade, the ones I met in middle or high school, the ones I met at college and still, the ones I met over different courses I have done in life( typewriting, driving, swimming, handball, English, Italian, Aupair orientation, CPR saving, music, computing, etc…).


The ones I met over the years along my life in different countries and cities of the world. The ones I have worked with, the ones who have worked for me, the ones I worked for, the ones I have met through music, the ones I learned to call family, the ones I talked to more on the internet then personally, the ones I have not even met yet, the H.net ones, the ones I met in long hours of line of Hanson’s concerts, the ones I learned to consider part of my life even if we were far away from each other, to my distant family and to the ones who are still to come!


Obviously and specially to my Mortal Angels who have embraced me with their invisible wings and with their voices they have helped me seeing life with different eyes, to my immediate family, (mom, dad and Dhol) the ones I can always count on come what may (even if sometimes they still seem not to really know me at all!!!) and thanks to destiny, C.I.H., G.L., S.L., G.A., G.P.P. and Bela, the ones with whom I have shared my life and my heart with and together we have spent wonderful and unforgettable moments. I’ll love you eternally!!!



To Mr. Fate and my Angel who have always helped me to be where I should have been at the right time and place of my life. Also for giving me the beauty of this art work called life and all that we normally take for granted without even realizing what is there for us every single day!


For all you people from all places, of all ages and beliefs, Thanks for making part of my life!



Least but not completely last, I could not forget to Thank the ones who has plotted against me or still will . Certainly, I would neither have been, nor never will be stronger without your great support! J