My Hanson Video Collection

  • Tulsa, Tokyo, & the Middle of Nowhere
  • The Road to Albertane
  • At the Fillmore
  • Underneath Acoustic
  • Strong Enough to Break
  • 5 of 5
  • Other

    Tulsa, Tokyo, & the Middle of Nowhere

    Released: November 1997

    Hanson's first video follows the band through various promotional events around the world. It also includes some live footage from a show at the Beacon Theater in New York.

    Songs Performed:
    1. Thinking of You
    2. Man From Milwaukee (acoustic)
    3. Madeline (acoustic)
    4. Where's the Love
    5. A Minute Without You
    6. MMMBop

    Music Videos:
    1. MMMBop
    2. Where's the Love

    VHS - USA

    VHS - Australia
    Same as USA release, except the video comes in a collectable tin case

    VCD - Hong Kong
    2 discs

    VCD - Taiwan
    1 disc

    *Interview portions include Taiwanese subtitles

    Laserdisc - USA

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    The Road to Albertane

    Released: Nov. 3, 1998

    This video is mainly concert footage from select shows on 1998's The Albertane Tour. It also includes some behind-the-scenes footage from the tour bus and backstage.

    Songs Performed:
    1. Gimme Some Lovin' / Shake a Tail Feather
    2. Where's the Love
    3. River
    4. Stories
    5. Look at You
    6. Weird
    7. Sometimes
    8. Ever Lonely
    9. With You in Your Dreams
    10. Good Lovin'
    11. A Minute Without You
    12. Soldier
    13. Speechless
    14. MMMBop
    15. Man From Milwaukee

    VHS - USA

    VCD - Taiwan
    15 tracks

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    At the Fillmore

    Released: April 2001

    Live footage from Hanson's concert on July 27, 2000 at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco.

    Songs Performed:
    1. You Never Know
    2. Runaway Run
    3. Thinking of You
    4. Wish That I Was There
    5. Sure About It
    6. Love Song
    7. Hand In Hand
    8. If Only
    9. This Time Around
    10. MMMBop
    11. Magic Carpet Ride
    12. In the City

    VHS - USA

    VCD - Taiwan
    *Interview portions include Taiwanese subtitles

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    Underneath Acoustic Live

    Released: July 27, 2004

    The DVD was filmed Nov. 11, 2003 at the House of Blues in Chicago, during the last stop of the Underneath Acoustic Tour.

    Songs Performed:
    1. Strong Enough to Break
    2. River
    3. If Only
    4. Runaway Run
    5. Rock 'N Roll Razorblade
    6. The Walk
    7. Teach Your Children
    8. When You're Gone
    9. With You in Your Dreams
    10. Underneath
    11. I Will Come to You
    12. Ain't No Sunshine
    13. Hand in Hand
    14. Crazy Beautiful
    15. Penny & Me
    16. Where's the Love
    17. Deeper
    18. You Never Know
    19. MMMBop
    20. Rip it Up
    21. This Time Around

    DVD - USA

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    Strong Enough to Break

    Released: July 2009

    What started out as a simple documentary of the recording process of the band's 3rd studio album Underneath, turned into something much bigger. This DVD follows the guys through their struggle with the record company, their decision to leave and form their own label, and everything in between. Before it's DVD release, the film was released as a podcast.

    DVD - USA

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    5 of 5

    Released: Fall 2010

    In April 2010, Hanson played five sold-out shows at New York's Gramercy Theater. Each show corresponded to one of the band's five studio albums: Middle of Nowhere, This Time Around, Underneath, The Walk, and the upcoming Shout it Out.

    DVD Set - USA
    The DVD set features all five shows, as well as over an hour and a half of behind-the-scenes footage. It also includes a "The Best of 5" audio CD, mini fold-out copies of the 5 of 5 limited edition posters, and an individually-numbered commemorative ticket.

    Songs Performed:

    1. Thinking of You
    2. MMMBop
    3. Weird
    4. Speechless
    5. Where's the Love
    6. Yearbook
    7. Look At You
    8. Lucy
    9. I Will Come to You
    10. A Minute Without You
    11. Madeline
    12. With You In Your Dreams
    13. Man From Milwaukee

    Songs Performed:

    1. You Never Know
    2. If Only
    3. This Time Around
    4. Runaway Run
    5. Save Me
    6. Dying to Be Alive
    7. Can't Stop
    8. Wish That I Was There
    9. Love Song
    10. Sure About It
    11. Hand In Hand
    12. In the City
    13. A Song to Sing

    Songs Performed:

    1. Strong Enough to Break
    2. Dancin' In the Wind
    3. Penny & Me
    4. Underneath
    5. Misery
    6. Lost Without Each Other
    7. When You're Gone
    8. Broken Angel
    9. Deeper
    10. Get Up and Go
    11. Crazy Beautiful
    12. Hey
    13. Believe
    14. Lulla Belle

    Songs Performed:

    1. Great Divide
    2. Been There Before
    3. Georgia
    4. Watch Over Me
    5. Running Man
    6. Go
    7. Fire on the Mountain
    8. One More
    9. Blue Sky
    10. Tearing it Down
    11. Something Going Round
    12. Your Illusion
    13. The Walk

    Songs Performed:

    1. Waiting for This
    2. Thinking 'Bout Somethin'
    3. Kiss Me When You Come Home
    4. Carry You There
    5. Give A Little
    6. Make It Out Alive
    7. And I Waited
    8. Use Me Up
    9. These Walls
    10. Musical Ride
    11. Voice In the Chorus
    12. Me Myself and I

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    If Only promo
    VHS - Spain

    Promotional copy of the 2000 music video.

    Yo Kidz The Vidz!
    VHS - USA

    Released in 1994, this video features songs by the Christian singer Carman. Before they became famous, Isaac and Taylor starred in a "David and Goliath" music video (Isaac plays the narrator and Taylor plays David). A very young Zac can be seen cheering in the crowd.

    Making of Shout It Out
    DVD - USA
    Part of the Gold and Platinum Packages

    A 50-minute look into recording process of Shout It Out.

    Tay's Music Exchange
    DVD - USA
    Part of the Gold and Platinum Packages

    The band performs 7 songs on the set of Tay's Music Exchange from the "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'" music video.

    Songs Performed:
    1. And I Waited
    2. Give A Little
    3. Thinking 'Bout Somethin'
    4. Kiss Me When You Come Home
    5. Make It Out Alive
    6. Me Myself and I
    7. Voice in the Chorus

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