Blue Moon

A Twilight fan fiction story based on the works of Stephenie Meyer

By Sheri Mos

Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

Lacey, Washington, a suburb of Olympia



I scanned the thoughts of the students in the cafeteria crowd as I always did- not that any of it interested me. Exams coming up…who was dating whom…inoculation day tomorrow… (that one was good to know, as there might be some blood involved for us to avoid,)…it was all so predictably boring.  I almost wished Susie would show up, just to have something new to listen to.

 “Oh, God- Greasy chicken legs again.”

“Did you hear what President Kennedy said on the television last night?”

“Oh, NO…does this mean I can’t wear my virginity pin?  I wonder if Johnny will tell any of the guys…”

“I am swearing off chocolate cake until poodle skirts come back in fashion, I mean it!”

“Oh oh oh oh-I got a girl named Rama Lama, Rama Lama Ding Dong…” Ah, there she was! I had to smile, which caused Alice to look at me from across the table. 

“Why do I always see your mood lifting when Susie Blankenship is coming down the hall?”  She asked me quietly.  There really was no need to whisper, as our speech was too rapid for the humans to follow.  Both Emmett and Rosalie cocked their heads in my direction, momentarily distracted from the double-strawed soda they were pretending to share.  Any interest one of us might show in a human was seen as a threat to the others- a threat to our very existence.  I gave them what I hoped was a reassuring grin. 

“She has the most amusing thoughts, that’s all.  You wouldn’t believe how boring it can get, eavesdropping on all the same trivial teenage drivel day after day.  What new dance they’ve learned, who’s the cutest guy or girl, what homework is due- it is mind-numbing!  But Susie…” a tiny chuckle escaped my lips. “So many thoughts at once! I wonder how she can keep it all straight.  And always a song running in the background.  One bright spot in my day, that’s all, nothing to worry about.”

Rosalie frowned and stared at me from under her arched brows. As usual, she looked lovely and very fashionable, with her blonde hair piled up on her head in a beehive, or French roll, or whatever they were calling it these days. She was wearing her new dyed-to-match sweater and skirt, with Emmett’s latest letter jacket thrown over her shoulders. She always looked beautiful and angry, like an avenging angel.

“Get used to boredom, Edward- this whole high school farce we have to play out year after year can be nothing BUT boring. Have your little distraction then, just keep your distance.” Emmett reached across the table for her hand, and she turned back to him, allowing a little smile. I was unshaken- Rosalie was always angry at me.

I continued listening to Susie during lunch. I had always enjoyed music, and her thoughts were like having “Your Hit Parade” playing on the radio while “I Love Lucy” was showing on a television set right next to it- a chattering female voice over top of “Love is a Many Splendored Thing”. On another track, she was comparing everyone who crossed her line of sight to one famous person or another. Apparently we went to school with kids who were ringers for Annette Funicello, Fabian, and Doris Day- one boy had the misfortune to resemble Howdy Doody. And to Susie, Alice’s new hairdo made her look just like our new first lady, Mrs. Kennedy. I had to laugh. As far as I could tell, Susie Blankenship never had a serious or depressing thought in her head. I knew from listening to her conversations with her friends that she lived alone with her mother, who was one of Carlisle’s emergency room nurses at the hospital. Her father seemed to be a traveling salesman of some kind. She had called him “Willy Loman” to her friends, which I hoped was not a literal reference. He was simply out of her life, and as far as I could tell, she wasn’t grieving for him.


Gym class.  I hated it.  For one thing, there were never any boys to look at.  For another, I was lousy at every game we played.  At least I could pair up with Alice Cullen.  She had somehow decided to be friends with me, even though she was two grades older than I was.  P.E. was the only class all the girls had to take together.    “Form teams!”  The coach yelled. Volleyball.  That was today’s form of torture.  Alice spotted me immediately- I knew she would be good at this.  I smiled at her as she skipped over to me.  She looked graceful, like she was dancing, even while skipping a jump rope or throwing a dodge ball.   She made it all look so…What was the word? 

Effortless- Yes, that was it!

 Alice always looked graceful- even after the rest of us were frazzled and sweating, Alice still managed to look clean and perfect.  Her dark hair was done up in the latest version of bouffant hairdo Jaqueline Kennedy was sporting. Somehow, even the navy-blue-one-piece-zip-up-jumper we all had to wear looked good on Alice.   

“Heads up, Susie!” Alice called, laughing as she deflected the ball plummeting straight at my head.  I grimaced.  I hadn’t been paying attention, as usual.

                “Oops.  Thanks, Alice.”  I never could figure out why she was so nice to me.  Her adopted sister certainly wasn’t.  I wasn’t pretty or popular enough for Rosalie.  I wondered how she got out of taking gym class?  Probably got her mother to write a note saying she might break a nail or something.  Ugh.  I wished my mother would write a note for me.  She actually thought exercise was good for me.  Sometimes it really stunk having a nurse for a Mom.

                Mercifully, the whistle blew, and we all scrambled for the showers.  Everyone but Alice, of course, who had never even broken a sweat.  I caught up to her afterwards in the hallway.

“Hey, Alice!” She pivoted gracefully in the middle of the hall.

“I’m gonna need some help with my history homework… the depression era? You always seem to know so much about history…” That sounded really lame, but she smiled and nodded. “Yeah, maybe the library, this weekend? I’ll call you.”

“What about tomorrow? We can talk about it over lunch?” I knew she usually sat with her sister and brothers, but I thought it was worth a try. Alice gave a little frown.

“Oh, No, we won’t be here tomorrow, I’m afraid. But I will call, Promise.” She gave me a quick little hug and skipped away.

Inoculation Day

My arm ached. Stupid “inoculation day.” I was jealous of the Cullen kids- apparently they had their dad give them their shots at home, which meant they didn’t come to school on the day shots were given out. That figured- we still had that project assigned in History too- and Alice wasn’t around to talk it over with. She was the best at history- and always willing to help me out. She was so good at describing things from the past- I could almost see them in my head. Much more interesting than our dry history book. I walked home with a scowl on my face. I didn’t even take my usual glance through the malt shop window to see if any cute boys were standing around the jukebox. I wasn’t in the mood for flirting today. Mom was home when I got there, her hair up in rollers and a scarf, even though it was 3:00 in the afternoon. She smiled up at me as I came in.

“Hey, there, Suzy Q,” she called. (I hated being nick-named after the greasy, curly french-fries my Mom had craved while she was pregnant with me.) “What’s the scoop?” I grimaced and turned in the doorway, rubbing my arm.

“Shots today, Mom, remember?” She gave me an apologetic frown and then jumped up to get down an ice tray. The handle gave a loud crack as she jerked it up, loosing the cubes in the bent up metal pan. She dumped a few into a tea towel and pushed me into a chair.

“Here, Tootsie, this will help.” She always talked to me like I was five instead of 15 going on 16. Like saying “Daddy sent you another postcard,” and “Mommy loves you,” and junk like that. She meant well. And both of us knew my “Daddy” wasn’t coming back, no matter how many postcards he sent. If he really sent them. I sometimes imagined Mom buying them herself, and then bribing Mr. Nelson down at the post office to mark them with some far-off city’s stamp, just to keep me happy. I tried giving her a little smile, and sitting down with my ice and my glass of Ovaltine. Mom looked tired, even under all the curlers, bobby pins and lipstick. I knew she hated wearing makeup- she said she only wore it because all the other nurses started when that gorgeous Dr. Cullen came to town, and she didn’t want to be the only frumpy nurse at the hospital. But she wasn’t working today…

“Mom? You going out or something?” She looked up with a puzzled frown, and then reached up to begin taking down the curlers.

“No, not really, honey, I am just driving up to Olympia today to get some shoes- you know they don’t carry much except work boots here in town. You can ride along, if you feel up to it?” I didn’t really, but staying home alone didn’t sound exciting either. I wasn’t wild like some of the girls at school, with boys waiting to sneak into their rooms when their parents were out. Staying home alone to me meant watching TV until it went off the air for the night, or listening to 45s on my record player, or some other boring thing like that. Or writing about Jimmy Adler in my diary. Not that I ever had anything to write.

Sitting in the noisy Rambler, listening to Mom’s favorite station, (all Perry Como and Mitch Miller, no real rock’n’roll,) was not my idea of fun. As we passed the last outskirts of Lacey, an idea popped into my head.

“Hey, Mom? Doesn’t Doctor Cullen live off the highway to Olympia? I promised Alice I’d come study for history with her. “ Mom murmured distractedly, not really hearing me. “Mom!” I shouted, and then gritted my teeth as she swerved the big car off the road. This thing had a metal dashboard and none of the new seat belts- I didn’t want to smack my head on it.

“Susannah Louise Blankenship! I nearly wrecked just now! Why on earth are you shouting at me like that?” I shook my head. She was such a nervous wreck these days, with Dad gone so long.

“Sorry, Mom. I just thought you could let me out here and I’ll walk over to Doctor Cullen’s house to study with Alice. He lives along here, right? I’ll get him to drive me home.” She bit her lip, a worried frown line starting between her eyes. I reached up to smooth it away. “It’s okay, Mom. It’s not far, and I’m a big girl- almost 16!” I can’t believe that actually worked on her.


The others had gone out hunting. My darling Alice, of course, asked me to go with her, practically begged me, but then she had cocked her head in that funny little way of hers and her eyes had gone blank for a few seconds.

“You're going to stay here alone and read a while… and try to tough it out.” She broke off, biting her lower lip in that worried way that inflamed my senses. She didn’t like it when I pushed myself like this.

“If it gets…” she smiled at me, noting how my gaze was drawn to her soft mouth. “If it gets worse you'll join us. And we'll deal with that other hunger of yours later.” A little dimple appeared on the side of her mouth as she turned to follow Carlisle and the others.

With them gone, I settled in for the torture. The worst part was knowing that I could have gone hunting with Alice and…the others. (I could not yet bring myself to call them my family even after five years of living with them,) Not that their version of hunting would have slaked the burning, itching thirst searing my throat right now. A few deer were nothing to me-like a human being forced to watch a whole pig being roasted and then having to settle for a bowl of grits. Even in my human days, I hadn’t like those nasty things.

I had ensconced myself in my favorite chair with my dog-eared copy of Ben Hur. Since I had once fought opposite General Lew Wallace, reading his work always felt like I was visiting an old acquaintance. I had been reading for a couple of hours when suddenly my ears pricked up. Someone was scuffling around outside the house, rattling door knobs, tramping through the underbrush. I sat stock-still. Three things happened simultaneously, sending me to the razor's edge of my tenuous endurance. The scrape and squeal of the screen door spring, a musical female voice calling, “Hello, anyone there?” and the scent. Light, distant, but enthralling all the same. Like someone baking a chocolate cake in the kitchen down the hall. And coming closer. I coughed lightly to still the burning, and then kicked myself for making the noise. Maybe if she didn’t hear me she'd move on thinking the house was empty. The sane the part of my mind was wishing just that- “Go home little girl, step right back out the way you came in.” The whole future I shared with Alice and Carlisle and his little family depended on it.

She sounded young, probably one of Edward and Alice’s classmates. There would be an investigation… questions… Carlisle might even be called in to examine the body. These thoughts made it easier to cling to sanity; they were warring with the other thoughts. The deeper, darker, forbidden thoughts which grew stronger with each approaching footstep. And that scent, wafting about my nostrils, rich and vibrant-the same chocolate cake, now warm from the oven and glistening with thick frosting. My stomach actually growled.

“Come closer, little fly,” my rebellious mind intoned, picturing the darkened room strung with vibrating webs. I sat calmly in the center, knowing my hapless victim was inches away from her entanglement. I could already sense her mood-curious and just a little scared. I sent out a wave of soothing automatically, (I had never been one of those sick minds which thrived on terror and whimpering from his victims.) The fabric of the chair cushion gave a loud rending noise as I tightened my grip.

“Who's there? Casper?” The voice called out, ending on a little giggle, her tread sounded on the stairs- and then she appeared in the doorway. A young girl, unremarkable in looks, with thick brown hair pulled back in a beribboned pony tail. She wore a pale pink sweater, plaid skirt and the usual bobby socks and tennis shoes. Only her calves, her hands, and her neck were visible. Her neck. The warm pulsing there was so loud it nearly deafened me. Her scent was so thick now I suffocated beneath the weight of it. And, --God help me-- she was smiling.


I just wanted to ask Alice about the history homework, and maybe see that gorgeous brother of hers. Not the big goofy one, the one who looked like Elvis. I think his hair was really more reddish, but he used a lot of Brylcream, so it looked darker. I really wasn't going to break into their house, I swear. It had been a little hard to find, to be honest. It was such a pretty house, out there in the woods, set back from the road and only about a 3 mile walk from the edge of town. Of course, none of them ever walked into town. They all drove those fabulous cars, or at least Emmett and Edward did. Rosalie usually rode in Emmet’s Corvair convertible, and Alice in Edward’s Ford Falcon. I guess their other brother didn't drive. The one none of them talked about… The ghost. The one everybody in school called Casper. That wasn't so odd, though. Everyone knew Kenny Johnson had a crazy aunt living in his attic because his dad couldn't stand to send her to a home. I wondered if Casper lived in the attic of this beautiful house. It was a white two story Victorian home, with gingerbread woodwork , a wraparound porch and surrounded by pines. A separate garage sat off to one side, with a quaint little cupola and weather vane added to match the house. Since the large barn- type doors were closed, I couldn't tell if any cars were home, but the house was pretty quiet. I really did knock first, but no one answered, so I'd just… I wonder if Goldilocks thought that too? Dr. Kildare Cullen was probably working a shift at the hospital. Mrs. Kildare (I knew that wasn’t right but Mom said he looked just like that gorgeous Dr. Kildare on the television show) wasn’t answering either. It was a Saturday, so some of the kids might be at home… Well, Rosalie was such a snob to me, she wouldn’t have come to the door anyway, and was probably off making out with that big football-player half-brother of hers, (which was kind of creepy if you ask me.)


I gave the door a little push, and it opened right up. Nobody up here ever locked their doors anyway, even a few years back with all that Starkweather awfulness that happened, since it all seemed so far away from us. The front room was deserted, but full of beautiful antique furniture, like an old-fashioned front parlor. On a huge oriental rug, right in the middle of the room, sat a baby grand piano.

Wow. Even with a doctor’s salary, I was surprised at the obvious wealth displayed throughout the room. Well, both his sons drove new convertibles, so I shouldn’t have been so surprised. Three sons, I reminded myself, three sons.

“Who's there? Casper?”

I called, and then giggled at myself. His name would really be “Casper”, surely. A glance into the kitchen revealed brand new, sparkling, greenish blue appliances- but no Mama Cullen. I was about to go out, feeling embarrassed about traipsing through the house of my mom's boss, when I thought I heard a sound upstairs. A cough? Maybe Casper was kept at home because he was really sick. His adoptive father was a doctor, after all. Poor sick boy-home alone. I would just peek in on him. I was going to be a candy-striper and help my mom as soon as I turned 16 next month anyway. I didn't know what I could do for him, but if he was too sick to ever come to school, surely someone should check on him? I made my way up the stairs, expecting to hear more coughing, but there was none. A door at the landing on top of the stairs at the top of the stairs was open, so I peeked inside, expecting to see an invalid late up in the bed. Instead, a handsome young man in a huge arm chair stared back me. I tried giving him a reassuring smile. I wasn't even scared being alone here with them. I felt really calm, actually. He didn't return my smile. His hands clutched at the arm of the chair, his long fingers rending the silk damask cloth covering. His blonde hair was longer than the current style and uncombed, falling down over his eyes which were so black they almost looked as if they were all pupil. As I approached, he leapt up and moved to put the huge chair between us. I held my hands out in front of me to put him at ease.

“No, it's OK ,Cas...mister, I won't hurt you.”

He smiled at that, but I couldn't see any humor in it. The thought occurred to me, maybe he was mentally ill, and it should have made me nervous but I wasn't. Not at all. Not even with him staring at me. Such a nice, pitiful young man. I reached out to pat his cheek. What happened next was too strange for me to believe, even now.

Suddenly, and without my noticing him ever moving, he was on my side of the chair, his hands on my shoulders. His eyes, so black and gleaming, seemed to burn my face. I could hear my own breathing echoing in the room. Funny, but even being so close, I couldn't hear his breathing, only my own. I've never had anybody look at me like that, or hold me this close. I should have been terrified. Why was I not terrified? Why did I feel mellow and warm, like I was wrapped up in front of a warm fire with a cup of mama's hot cocoa? Even when I felt him lean toward me and bury his face in my neck, it didn't worry me. I had the feeling that nothing would ever worry me again. I certainly couldn't complain when his hard, strong arms wrapped around me and lowered me to the rug.

“Oh, Little lady- you’re warm and sweet as pecan pie,” he murmured against me. I felt shivers all the way to my toes. Was he kissing me? No, he was…biting me? Me, Miss Susie-never-been-kissed, and a really cute boy was nibbling on my neck? No, that didn’t make any sense. His moist, burning lips and his hands holding my shoulders were making my head swim. I did try pushing him back a little, even though I didn’t feel scared of him, but I was so dizzy, so sleepy! I hadn’t noticed how terribly sleepy I was! Maybe it was that walk from town. I would have to ask Dr. Kildare to drive me back home, I thought as my eyelids slid down. My neck, which should have felt warm from the boy’s breath, was burning hot-not nice and toasty like the rest of me. I started humming to myself, as I always do when I'm about to fall asleep. I seem to remember in my dream that Elvis, Dr. Kildare, and the first lady (her hair was perfect) came in and began to talk to me. What a strange dream I was having…


Esme, Alice, Carlisle and I had all finished with our prey, and were washing up in the stream. Emmett and Rosalie had gone off to who knows where, to do to knows what. Nothing those two did ever surprised me. Emmett had been with us for thirty years now, and they still acted like newlyweds. I was just happy that Rosalie had found someone, and could stop taking her frustrations out on me. It had been an exciting hunt, and I was feeling revitalized. That feeling was short lived, however, when I looked up and saw Alice's face. She had frozen, staring off into the distance. Carlisle, Esme, and I exchanged glances. Alice's spells never bode well for the rest of us.

Esme and Carlisle didn't even ask her what she had seen when her eyes finally came back into focus. Instead, they both looked at me expectantly. I trained my mind in on Alice’s thoughts. Our house… The front door standing open… And Jasper… Jasper! Oh, my god! Without explaining, I turned and raced at breakneck speed back home; knowing the other three would follow me. What the hell was Susie Blankenship doing in my house?! Worse yet, what if we were too late? I vaguely heard the wood splinter as I burst through the door screen door without opening it. Bounding up the stairs, a shriek tore from my throat as I launched myself at Jasper. His eyes were wild, just beginning to glow crimson. He looked at me in mindless expectation, nonplused for the moment, forgetting where he was. I shoved him to one side, and knelt to where Susie lay on the carpet. A faint red streak ran from just underneath her ear to soak into the collar of her pink sweater. Her eyes were closed, but I could still hear her faint heartbeat, and her labored breathing. Behind me, I could hear Carlisle and Alice as they burst into the room.

“Oh God, Jasper Jasper! I should have made you come with us!” Alice shouted. Jasper sat down hard in stunned silence, his mouth still bloody as Alice threw her arms around him and murmured words of comfort as if he were the victim here. ”It was too soon, I knew it was too soon…” Carlisle was beside me in an instant, his doctor's bag already in his hand, leaning in to draw the venom from Susie’s wound. He spared one glance at me.


“Her thoughts… Chaotic as always… I don't even think she realizes what happened to her. She thinks she's dreaming. Somehow, she's seeing Elvis, Dr. Kildare, and Jackie Kennedy…somewhere in the background I hear “You Send Me” by Sam Cooke…” I noticed Susie lashes fluttering as they lifted slightly. Her eyes were open in little blue slits glancing about the room aimlessly. “And she's wondering how Casper the friendly Ghost got a bloody nose.”

Carlisle couldn’t help but manage a small smile at this, as he straightened himself. Only Carlisle could taste human blood and remain this calm- centuries of an amazing willpower.

“Well, Edward, just as well, I think your friend will live. We should probably get her to the hospital though,…” A hissing and growling ruckus from the hallway caught our attention. Esme entered the room then, with a struggling raccoon in her arms and a chagrined look on her face.

“I thought maybe…” she didn’t finish, but I could read her unfinished idea. “…some story about a wild animal attack.” I finished for her.

Carlisle nodded. “To make it believable, she may need a few more bites-be careful, though- she can't afford to lose much more blood.”


I was at war with myself. Almost as bad as being back on the battlefield, or facing and down a new bloodthirsty vampire. I could not stop my blood from singing in my veins. Her blood, I corrected myself. The blood of an innocent, 15 year old girl. How Alice could even look at me now was beyond comprehension. The knowledge that I couldn't have stopped myself if I had wanted to. What did that say about me? And the family- their sympathetic concern was the worst part. Carlisle had been stern, but understanding, as I stood before him, stiff as a cadet at a review.

“Jasper…” I stared straight ahead, refusing to relax, as he clearly wanted me to. “The girl will be fine- she just needs to eat and sleep normally for a few days and her blood count will be back to normal. “ Again, he waited for a response. I gave none. I would rather have been fighting General Wallace again, or have Maria berating me for some imagined infraction. This calmness, not of my own making this time, was unnerving. I had nearly killed an innocent child!

“You stopped in time, Jasper.”

I shook my head. “If you and Edward had not come when you did…I could not have stopped myself, Carlisle.” I was unable to comprehend his forgiveness of my heinous actions. “Send me away.” It killed me afresh to say it. I tamped down the sudden visions of Alice’s luminous eyes glassy with tears. “I am a danger to you all.” Even as I said it, I knew I couldn’t bear to leave Alice. She was the first person to really believe in me, and to love me for myself. Maria had always been more interested in how she could use me…Could I bear to go back to that life? Why hadn’t any of these thoughts crossed my mind when that sweet little morsel had stepped into the room with me?

Carlisle shook his head sadly. “Sending you away now would mean you would most certainly return to killing humans. That’s not I want for you, Jasper. It just takes time…centuries, in my case.” I met his golden eyes and saw the humor and compassion mixed there. “Stay here with us, and we can give you that time, son.” Only Carlisle was old enough to call me “son”- He did treat us all like his own children, even Alice and I, the newest arrivals. Belonging to a family was an enticing prospect. Reluctantly, I nodded once.

“I will stay, then.”

Carlisle laughed, confusing me. “Yes, Alice told me you would.”


I could easily hear his thoughts, even from this distance- thoughts I wasn’t accustomed to hearing while I was at school. Jasper. What was he doing, coming here? My anger flared- even hidden in the trees at the edge of the property, he was courting disaster. The older vampire must have sensed my sudden fury, as he immediately started replaying memories of his recent hunt. He was letting me know he was satiated, not here to hunt. I acknowledged his show of respect- he had shown me the images and let me calm down on my own- Jasper rarely used his “gift” of imposing emotions on any of the family. I was contemplating sneaking away from the rest of the class to speak to him when I was interrupted.


I had been so caught up in listening to Jasper, I hadn’t even noticed Susie approaching. Her thoughts hadn’t been “singing” as of late- and so I couldn’t often distinguish them from the thoughts of the others. I searched her mind now- both her thoughts and her spirit seemed…subdued. That was the only way I could put it. Her hair, which had always been worn pulled back into a pony tail, hung loosely about her shoulders. The effect, no doubt meant to cover the large gauze bandage on her neck, made her look younger and more vulnerable. She wore long sleeves that covered the other bruises and scratches. (I winced, remembering that I had helped hold the animal while it inflicted those.) Her large brown eyes wouldn’t meet mine.

“Yes, Susie?” I asked, since she hadn’t spoken since she first called my name. Her thoughts were loud enough, however.

Please, God, don’t let him stare at my neck…if one more person calls me “raccoon bait” I’ll slug ‘em. “Uh, what kind of leaf is this?” She held it out to me, balancing her pencil and notebook in the other hand. She’d already done a fairly accurate sketch of it.

“Maple, I’m pretty sure,” I answered her kindly. I realized my mistake too late- she glanced up sharply and squinted her eyes at me. Peachy keen. Now Edward Cullen feels sorry for me.

I grimaced inwardly, and then picked up on the other thoughts being thrown at me. Mercifully, Susie had turned away, so I peered into the trees to nod at him.

Such a child! I am a monster…Carlisle should have let me go.

I shook my head almost imperceptibly, knowing Jasper’s keen eyesight would pick up the movement. Is she…all right, Edward? Will she recover fully?

I made a show of turning back to Susie, in time to see Jimmy Adler stepping up to her. “Hey, Suze- you draw pretty good, right? Do this one for me?” He asked with a wide grin, handing her a leaf. I picked up her increased heart rate the same time Jasper did. I was glad he couldn’t hear her thoughts, however. She never would never have said them aloud, that I knew for certain.

Jimmy Adler! Oh, Jeepers- why does he have to see me like this? You, stupid, blind lug, you were supposed to be my first kiss! Not that weirdo Cullen kid…does it count, on the neck, I mean? I wonder if he would have gone further, if that stupid raccoon hadn’t got into their house…I have the worst luck…

I heard Jasper’s thoughts right over top of hers- She likes this boy? She is so nervous...should I intervene? I gave him a nod, thinking perhaps in a way, Jasper needed to do penance for hurting her. He would never forgive himself until he did. It was one of the things I liked most about our newest family member. I nodded at him. Immediately, a change came over Susie. The transformation was stunning to watch. She straightened her shoulders and tossed her hair back out of her eyes, turning a radiant smile on Jimmy. His flabbergasted expression, coupled with a backwards stumble, wrenched a laugh from my throat. She was filled with a confidence I don’t know if she ever really possessed. Eyes sparkling, she advanced on the hapless fellow, notebook in hand.

“Well, Mr. Adler. It will cost you. I wouldn’t do this for just anyone, you know,” She purred, batting her eyelashes up at him. “You pick me up Saturday afternoon for a date, and I’ll do ALL your Science sketches.” Jimmy swallowed, blinking his eyes as if he hadn’t ever really seen her before.

“I thought you couldn’t date…” he began.

She laughed a little throaty laugh and looked at him under her lashes again- I threw a glance into the grove of trees at Jasper. I wished for once I could send thoughts as well as pick them up. Jasper, you’d better back it off a little, or you’ll get this poor girl in trouble…

“I said I couldn’t date until I turned 16,” she clarified, tracing his chin with her free hand. “I turn 16 on Saturday. This is your birthday present to me.” I couldn’t feel the waves of emotion he had been sending out, but Jasper must have backed off, seeing her new flirtatious manner. Suddenly she blushed to the roots of her hair and stepped back, dropping her hand. Now she and Jimmy were both staring at each other blankly.

She’s really cute when she blushes! Wish I had a car…There’s that new Atomic Age Vampire movie at the Drive In….I can’t see me pedaling to the malt shop with Susie Blankenship balanced on my handlebars…Damn. I rolled my eyes, knowing what I was going to say before I even said it.

“Hey, Jimmy- you can borrow my car this weekend.” Edward, you stupid hopeless romantic. Next, I’d be offering to drive them myself! What was the saying, “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride?” Jasper had his Alice, Rosalie had her Emmett, and Carlisle had his Esme. And now I had helped these two reach out to one another. Only I seemed destined to be alone. For all eternity.


1961 Pop Culture Index

Dr. Kildare: played by Richard Chamberlain, Dr. Kildare was an NBC medical drama television series which ran from September 27, 1961 until April 5, 1966, encompassing a total of 190 episodes. The show, which premiered at the same time as an ABC medical drama, Ben Casey, quickly achieved success and helped spark a number of new shows dealing with the medical field.

Jackie Kennedy: Jacqueline "Jackie" Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (July 28, 1929 – May 19, 1994) was the wife of the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy, and served as First Lady during his presidency from 1961 until his assassination in 1963.

Elvis Presley: Elvis Aaron Presley[1][3] (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977

Presley had a versatile voice[7] and had unusually wide success encompassing other genres, including gospel, blues, ballads and pop. To date, he has been inducted into four music halls of fame.

In the 1960s, Presley made the majority of his thirty-one movies—mainly poorly reviewed, but financially successful, musicals

Love is a Many Splendored Thing- Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing is a 1955 film.

Once on a high and windy hill,

In the morning mist, Two lovers kissed,

And the world stood still.

The theme song, as recorded by The Four Aces, went to #1 on the charts for four weeks in 1955 (in the midst of the rock-and-roll era) and won the Academy Award for Best Song.

Rama Lama Ding Dong- The Edsels were an American doo-wop group active during the late 1950s and early 1960s. The name of the group was originally The Essos, after the oil company, but was changed to match the then-new Ford automobile, the Edsel.- national hit "Rama Lama Ding Dong," helped the group land a major recording contract with Capitol Records in 1961.

You Send Me- “you Send Me" is a 1957 single by R&B singer-songwriter Sam Cooke

Ford Falcon:

Chevrolet Corvair

Casper the Friendly Ghost: Casper the Friendly Ghost is the protagonist of the Famous Studios theatrical animated cartoon series of the same name.

The Friendly Ghost, the first Noveltoon to feature Casper, was released by Paramount in 1945 with a few differences from the book. In the cartoon adaptation, Casper is a cute, pudgy ghost-child with a New York accent, who prefers making friends with people instead of scaring them (Casper used to scare people but got tired of it all). He runs away from home and goes out to make friends.

Ben Hur - General Lew WallaceLewis "Lew" Wallace (April 10, 1827 – February 15, 1905) was a lawyer, governor, Union general in the American Civil War, American statesman, and author, best remembered for his historical novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ.

The Starkweather homicides: Charles Raymond Starkweather (November 24, 1938June 25, 1959) was an American spree killer who murdered 11 victims in Nebraska and Wyoming during a road trip with his underage girlfriend Caril Ann Fugate. He became a national fascination in the USA

Annette Funicello, Annette Joanne Funicello (born October 22, 1942) is an American singer and actress. She was Walt Disney's most popular Mouseketeer[1], and went on to appear in a series of beach movies in the 1960s.

Fabian Fabiano Anthony Forte (born February 6, 1943), better known as Fabian, is a former American teen idol of the late 1950s and early 1960s. He rose to national prominence after performing several times on American Bandstand. In total, he charted 11 hit singles in the Billboard Hot 100.

Doris Day A vivacious blonde with a wholesome image, Day was among the actresses of the 1950s and 1960s with the highest profile. Able to sing, dance, and play comedy and dramatic roles, she became one of the biggest box-office stars.

Howdy Doody

Willy Loman: Willy Loman character from Death of a Salesman is a 1949 play by American playwright Arthur Miller

An elderly salesman, is no longer able to earn a living, and receives only a small commission. He is losing his mind and has attempted to kill himself by inhaling gas from the water heater, as well as crashing his car. He is obsessed with the post war interpretation of the American Dream.

Your Hit Parade: Your Hit Parade was a popular American radio and television program, sponsored by Lucky Strike cigarettes and broadcast from 1935 to 1955 on radio, and 1950 to 1959 on television. During this 24-year run, the show had 19 orchestra leaders and 52 singers or groups.

I Love Lucy I Love Lucy is an American situation comedy, starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance and William Frawley. The black-and-white series originally ran from October 15, 1951 to May 6, 1957 on CBS. The show continued on for three more seasons with 13 one-hour specials, running from 1957 to 1960, known first as The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show and later in reruns as The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour.

Beehive hairdo:

Susie’s Mom’s Rambler:

Blue Moon- The Marcels 1961

The lyrics are presumed to refer to an English idiomatic expression: a blue moon is either the second full moon in a month or the third one when four full moons occur in one season of the year, which is a somewhat rare occurrence. If something happens "once in a blue moon" it almost never happens. The narrator of the song is relating a stroke of luck so unlikely that it must have taken place under a blue moon. The title relies on a play on words, since Blue is also the colour of melancholy, and indeed the narrator is sad and lonely until he finds love.

Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom ba ba bom ba ba bom ba ba dang a dang dang
Ba ba ding a dong ding Blue moon moon blue moon dip di dip di dip
Moo Moo Moo Blue moon dip di dip di dip Moo Moo Moo Blue moon dip di dip di dip
Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom ba ba bom ba ba bom ba ba dang a dang dang
Ba ba ding a dong ding

Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own
Blue moon, you knew just what I was there for
You heard me saying a prayer for
Someone I really could care for

And then there suddenly appeared before me
The only one my arms will ever hold
I heard somebody whisper please adore me
And when I looked the moon had turned to gold

Blue moon, now I'm no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom ba ba bom ba ba bom ba ba dang a dang dang
Ba ba ding a dong ding Blue moon moon blue moon dip di dip di dip
Moo Moo Moo Blue moon dip di dip di dip Moo Moo Moo Blue moon dip di dip di dip
Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom ba ba bom ba ba bom ba ba dang a dang dang
Ba ba ding a dong ding

Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom ba ba bom ba ba bom ba ba dang a dang dang
Ba ba ding a dong ding Blue moon