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7-16 December 2007 - Random Song Questions - 66 respondents

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What song are you most anxious to hear in full (from teaser clips, concert versions or...from unreleased content?

If you were forced to burn/delete your entire Hanson collection .. which one album or song would you want to save?

Do you still listen to Hanson albums in full after they have been released? (I usually exhaust a new album to death and seem to memorise songs/lyrics a week or so into it's release... do you continue to listen to albums in full? Please give me your thoughts.


How often do you listen to a Hanson song?


75% (73)


21% (21)

At least once a week

4% (3)

Not all the time, but listen to them when in the mood

0% (0)


0% (0)

Stopped listening to their songs!








How do you listen to Hanson?


77% (75)


3% (3)

Cassette tapes (remember those!!)

67% (65)

MP3 player

19% (19)

Other method


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Which of the following albums would you like to think that you could listen to endlessly?


38% (37)

3 Car Garage

20% (20)

Middle of Nowhere

13% (13)

Snowed In

44% (43)

Live from Albertane

22% (22)

This Time Around

51% (50)

Underneath Acoustic

25% (25)


15% (15)

Live & Electric

74% (72)

Live & Electric

46% (45)

The Walk

50% (33)

A mixed CD of unreleased recordings


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What song are you most anxious to hear in full (from teaser clips, concert versions or...from unreleased content?

i've been thinking about something (other than you)
Faded Heart
don't know
Bridges of Stone
Bad Solution"
Being Me
don't have one.
"other than you" it was in a taking the walk episode
I've heard the whole version, but I really want to hear a released version of Breaktown. Or Need You Now.
Never Love Again
Something other than you.
I've been think about something
i'm pretty sure I've heard most of teh ones I wanted to hear.
The FULL "studio" version of Never Let Go
Live Forever
Bridges of Stone. Never Let go
Never Let Go
Live Forever
Long Train Running
I can't think of one.
I love End of the Line
Lulla Belle
bridges of stone
I'm not sure about that because I have some catch up to do with old songs ...
im not sure. i think i have heard most of the songs in full,
anything and everything
time will tell..oh darling
Ugly Truth
I would SO like to hear them sing "I Am" live! I think I would die! I LOVE that song!
Live Forever -- hands down!
Hand to Hold
Dream Girl
I liked that clip of watershed they did
"Never Been to Spain" cover from Howard Stern
I am not sure what it's called, but it's in the 2nd episode of the Taking the Walk podcast.
Fading Heart. I'd also like to hear more of the one Taylor sang a few lines of in the same TTW episode as Fading Heart. It was something about "So I hired a hitman..."
"Being Me"
magic carpet ride
Being Me
The one back in the day from a FUTY where they play some of it on the piano... I can't remember is it was Zac or Taylor... it was awhile ago!
"Other Than You" (or whatever its real title is) from TTW #2
Being Me
I've been thinking 'bout something other than you.... is that what it's called?
Probably Never Love Again
"Never Fall in Love Again" (title?) or "You're Enough"
I think I've heard them all
tearin it down, if only
thinking of you
The song from TTW 2, possibly called "Other Than You"
Faded Heart
my own sweet time
Madeline from MONA
it's a tie between Breaktown and Yearbook
devils nachos
i dont no its hard
She's got time
Lucy from MONA!!!
Never Love Again

dream girl
On The Rocks
i would like to hear breaktown live!
dont know
I've been think bout something, I've been think bout somethin other than you
used to be never let go but i really want them to release being me or dream girl
that song in taking the walk in episode two that says" i've been thinking bout something other than you"
Never Love Again.
not sure. first that comes to mind is "Madeline" from MONA [i know other folks have heard the full version already...but i haven't]
Faded Heart <3
Change In My Life and Live Forever
I don't know
I would love to hear Thinking of you live
You're Enough
none right now
On The Rocks. Heard it in full, but would love it to be on a full cd.
everything and anything
Bridges of Stone
Watershead from the Hanson.net mambers CD, if it every gets turned into a full song.
Live Forever, Faded Heart
I've been thinking about something rather than you
I still want to hear all of "Dream Girl" - heard it once in concert...
"We're Gonna Find Out" - the one from the FUTY
It used to be "Got A Hold On Me"...
Bridges Of Stone
Time Will Tell

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If you were forced to burn/delete your entire Hanson collection .. which one album or song would you want to save?


middle of nowhere
Live and Electric
I'd find some way to save all four studio albums. ;-)
This TIme around
Album - The Walk. Song - Misery.
a song to sing, go
The Walk.
Never Let Go.
"Album - The Walk
Song - Dying to be alive."
never let go it's going to be my wedding song in 2009
The Walk
"Album - The Walk, Song - Been There Before"
"Song: Breaktown, Album: the Walk"
The Walk album
Got A Hold On Me
album - The Walk
The Underneath album.
live and electric
"one song - I cant decide between Underneath or Penny and me. but this is just first thought that comes to my mind right now. next week I would probably be dying to listen to some other song."
the walk
Never any of them. I would haveto knock some heads, LOL
the walk
"album - MON
song - Tearing It Down"
MON, because it would be hard to find another original.
Man that a hard question! .... Um I guess if I HAD to choose only one it would be... Middle of Nowhere... its what got me hooked and still takes me back to the good old days.
Tough! Thinking of You has always held a special, and sacred place in my heart -- and always will.
More than Anything
"Dying to be Alive"
"NEVER! (But if I HAD to answer...I'd be so torn between MON for nostalgia's sake and The Walk for listening pleasure. Also I really like H.Net 3.0...so I stick with my original thought and straight out refuse :P )"
I'm gonna cheat and have three answers. haha I'd keep Runaway Run, Never Let Go, and Mmmbop.
I would save "The Walk" album.
"Song: yearbook
Album: Middle of Nowhere"
They are certain songs that I like from different albums
I'd cry!!! I can't pick one!
Get Up and Go OR Never Let Go
This Time Around (album)
The Walk
"album: The Walk
Song: Every Word I Say"
Best of: Live and Electric
album: The Walk song: too many to pick just one
The Walk
live and electric
Couldn't do it, but if I were forced I would have to keep The Walk Album
couldn't do it
"One album? Underneath.
One song? Believe."
The Walk
all of them. i couldn't do it.
Crazy Beautiful
all of the cds i would save
Only one?? I don't know if I could possibly pick :(
Underneath (album)
the walk
That would officially be the worst day of my life, but the 3.0 Membership Kit
The Walk
middle of nowhere - it will ALWAYS be able to remind me of my love for hanson :)
"Fools Banquest 2007 CD
Watch Over me for song"
Save me
Id say The walk coz thats the first Hanson cd i bought.
album definately the walk song would have to be if only
The album would be The Walk. If I had to choose one song it would be "Go"
Underneath album.
Album-The Walk. Song-A Song to Sing.
My signed "The Walk" CD
Probably one of the older ones like 3CG or Live From Albertane because those are very hard to find.
This Time Around (The CD)
Penny and me acoustic...**sighs**
Got a Hold On Me
Id have to save Middle of Nowhere. Without that cd, i never would have become a Hanson fan, so i hold that cd very close to my heart.
Underneath and Breaktown
Save TTA
Middle of Nowhere
Either This Time Around or The song Dream Girl
If Only
I will never do it... I will burn myself! Btw I'd save "the walk"
One song: "Lost Without Each Other"
The Walk (the album)
OMG!!! This Time Around
"album: The Walk
song: Strong Enough to Break"

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Do you still listen to Hanson albums in full after they have been released? (I usually exhaust a new album to death and seem to memorise songs/lyrics a week or so into it's release... do you continue to listen to albums in full? Please give me your thoughts.


i still listen to the albums in full
Yes i do, however when they are transfered over onto my mp3 player there are jumbled up so the playlist is like completely different to an album.
I always listen to albums in full. No matter how often I listened to an album before and no matter how old the album may be, I just must listen to it in full. I cannot skip any song!!!
Well, I haven't gotten tired of The Walk yet, and that one has been out for close to a year (or at least, the Japanese version has). I seem to recall Underneath being in heavy rotation for a good long time as well, and TTA and MON too. The live albums and 3 Car Garage had a much shorter shelf life with me.
yes i do....when i buy a hanson cd i buy it for every single song...not just a few
Listen in Full and in order everytime.
Yes I keep the CDs in my car. But I also put them on my iPod so I can randomize all of them.
yes, for sure...i don't get sick of them
Yes. I generally listen to whole albums, and I find that I expect to hear a certain song after the song I'm listening to. It sounds strange, but it's exciting to me to think "oh, FOTM is next, yay!"
I listen in full once then select the songs I really like. ;)
Yes, for sure, listen to them in full. After a week or so, I begin to skip to favourites. Within a month, they are added to IPOD and then put on shuffle.
Yes, not every day or every week. But yes.
After I listen to the whole cd I normally skip to the ones I wanna hear.
I do. And when I get sick of one, I change to another. I kind of rotate.
I can't say that I do it very often. Sometimes I listen to albums in full, but that's very rare
Yes, I try to sit with the insert and read the lyrics while listening to an album in its entirety when I first get it. Then, I usually play it in the background at home a lot while we're doing every day stuff.
When I first get a Hanson album I listen to it over and over that eventually I need to give it a break. But after a few weeks, I will come back to it. Then I switch it up. I listen to other Hanson cds too so that I mix it up.
I spent long periods of time in the car, so I still listen to the albums.
I usually have a few favorites by then that I ALWAYS listen to first, and then go though the whole CD
I listen to Underneath and The Walk the most. Also, I listen to a lot of thier unreleased songs.
I almost always play the entire album"
"the first two days after release I listen to the entire album non stop .after a week I listen mostly to my favourite songs on the album and then after that I'll be listening to the album every day untli the next one comes out.
I go back to the old albums but not more then one two days in a row, once or twice a year. With snowed in it's for the christmas season but i can listen to it without a problem during the summer season... lol. then it's usually one specific song I'm thinking about to listen."
yes. to me there is no better way. plus with where i drive you dont really get a chance to change the cd until you reach your destination.
yes. though i put them on my computer.
I wear them out! :)
I wear mine out pretty soon after I get it too, but I'll switch it out with another Hanson CD, but I do still enjoy going back and listening to each in full. The Walk, especially...each song is incredibly powerful in my opinion :)
Whenever a new album or h.net kit comes out I always have to listen to the whole thing in one sitting. I have to listen to it all together and then I cant get enough of it. I still listen to The Walk every single day since I got it.
I do the exact same thing as you, lol. Listen to the album from beginning to finish, non-stop for weeks when it first comes out, learn all the lyrics and whatnot. Then after about a month of that, I gradually cut down on my listen time, although, I still keep the album in regular rotation.
No, I skip songs.
yes... I can't help it because I feel like it is telling my life story sometimes!
Yes. I love hanson album because you can put it on and not have to worry about sucky tracks...they are all good!
I continue to listen to albums in full, but I listen to specific songs more frequently. Such is the nature of the ipod.
Only if I'm in the right mood for a full album, or if I'm in the car. When I'm listening on my computer or mp3 player, I just jump around from song to song, album to album, listening to whatever I feel like at the time.
I usually still listen to them in full.
I rarely listen to albums in full, I still can, but I hate to keep them in my car for fear of them getting stolen or damaged and that's where I listen to music most often. Aside from the gym, where my mp3 player is on mix, my mp3 player...only has Hanson songs, but from all albums.
I try to. I may not always. Depends on my mood.
Yes I do all the time. Depending on what mood I am in
I do. I memorize them quickly and then tend to listen to them on my ipod but put a full CD in when I'm in the car.
Yes, I will only skip maybe one or two songs, but I try to listen from beginning to end~
Once I have gotten to know an album better, then I usually pick out my favourite songs to listen to the next time I listen to the album but sometimes listen to the albums the whole way through when I feel like it.
Not really; my Hanson music is all jumbled together on my iPod, iTunes, mixed MP3 CDs. I'll occasionally pull up just one album on my iPod and listen to it through.
I scan each song and then listen to the ones that really catch my ear first then go through it all
Yes, I listen to them in full after they have been released and I continue to listen to them.
I do on occasion. I listen on my laptop (iTunes) on random. About a month ago, I listened to The Walk all the way through twice. TTA is the only other one I would do that with.
Sometimes. Other times I just listen to select songs off the album.
Always. The only CD I ever skipped songs on was TTA.
Sometimes I'll listen to the whole thing nonstop. But after a little while I just skip around to the ones I want to hear. And then I'll re-discover an old album and then go back to the new one.
no, there is no Hanson album that I don't skip over a few songs
Yes, When I get a new Hanson CD I listen to the entire CD all the way through and follow the lyrics in the booklet. I then listen to it as often as possible and hear different parts of the CD depending on how much time I have at the time.
yup. can't get enough
Yes, I continue to listen to the albums. Sometimes I'll get tired of a new one and go back to an older one for a while, but I always pull it back out.
It depends on the mood......some songs I can't resist forwarding to!
yes i always listen to the full albums
of course
yes i do
I listen to it in full, even though there are songs I am not totally into.
Yeah I pretty much listen to them in full, I might skip some songs to get to my favorites though :)
Yeah I listen to an album loads after its released. I like to absorb the music and lyrics.

I usually listen to them all the way through all the time. I just like all the songs enough to listen to all of them!!!
usually when i first get the cd, i listen to the whole thing over & over, then once i've had it for a while, i start listening just to my "more favorable" songs! which is usually 90% of the cd anyway =)
I skip throughout after I have learned all the lyrics, which tends to be before the album is released so yeah...Since we all live on HANSON time...I usually listen to the album at least 5 times the day it comes out, then skip after that.
heck yes.. i too memorize them within DAYS. lol but yes. in full is good :)
sometimes listen to them in full. depends on mood.
No, I tend to skip certain songs, or change it up a bit.
I still listen to their albums and there on my I-pod to.
just a certain song if im in a mood
I wouldn't say in full because there are some songs that i love to listen to more and just keep replaying those songs.
There are 2 to 3 songs an album I skip, but they are generally ones I'll listen to occasionally.
sometimes. but not always. there are still times i'll start an album and let it play in it's entirety. other times, i'll skip around tracks and listen to what my mood dictates.
I switch my CDs around. I always listen to every song and never skip tracks. I could never get sick of any of their CDS
Honestly, no. I listened to the Walk for a month straight without listening to anything else. And now I just listen to a few songs off it.
Ohh yeahh, right after i buy a hanson ablum i pop it right into the cd player and listen to it endlessly
I just put all the hanson songs in itunes and let them run. no preference.
Hanson albums are the only cd's i can listen to over and over and never get sick of them.
Yes for about a year or so
No, just songs
Yes, I listen to albums in full after they are released.
Yeah, I listen to them in full. I will put the cd in while Im in the car and It will usually take me a couple days, but I dont skip anything. Plus I rotate all my Hanson cds so I dont get bored. I wont just listen to the new cd I chnge things up a little.
Nah, I listen to them song by song. Keeps it fresh :)
It depends - my iPod consists of my favorite songs off of lots of albums that I own, and single songs that I purchased off of iTunes. When I want to listen to an entire CD, I'll pop that in either at home or in the car.
At home or work I put my Hanson playlist on shuffle. In the car I tend to leave a Hanson cd in there for weeks at a time and listen to it in full.
In the first few weeks when I get it, I listen to it in full....then automatically after a few weeks i only listen to my favourites from that album.
I listen to it fully the first time. Then i switch to my fave songs & play them to death!
Of course I do!


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