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1.      I have been a fan since 1997.

2.      I have excellent verbal and written skills.

3.      I was a reporter for my high school newspaper as well as worked on the yearbook.

4.      I hold a degree in English Education.

5.      I teach Reading Language Arts.

6.      I have excellent people skills.

7.      I am very inquisitive and creative.

8.      I enjoy taking photographs.

9.      I graduated Summa Cum Laude from college.

10. I am organized and responsible.

11. I would let other fans submit questions, and then I would let them vote in a poll for which one I would incorporate into my interview.

12. I would conduct myself professionally.

13. ††I speak in front of a classroom every day, so I know how to control my nerves.

14. ††At your request, I can produce a list of references and/or letters of recommendation.

15. Iím a person of my word . . . mmmmmm . . . cake. . .

16. ††Okay, okay.The cake part is negotiable.Brownies, anyone?Pie?Cookies?

17. I am very empathetic, and I would not ask someone questions that I would not feel comfortable answering myself.

18. ††It has been my dream to meet Hanson ever since I was 14 when their music helped me cope with my dadís death.

19. I am very meticulous and detail-oriented.

20. ††A memory of a meet and greet or being reporter would last me a lifetime.

21. ††I am a positive person with a sense of humor.