Vancouver, BC, Canada - September 10, 2008

Tulsa, OK, USA - May 16, 2009 (7pm)

Orlando, FL, US - October 24, 2009

Songs I’ve heard:

Change in my life (cover)

Been there before *

Strong Enough to Break

Follow Your Lead

Where’s The Love *

Crazy Beautiful *

Where Did It Start 

Love Me (cover)


Penny & Me *


Great Divide *

Hope It Comes Soon

Mmmbop *

Minute Without You *

Use Me (cover)

This Time Around

Oh Darling (cover)*

Lost Without Each Other *

Carry You There *

These Walls *

Kiss Me When You Come Home

Make It Through The Day

Use Me Up

Musical Ride

Make It Out Alive

Waiting For This *

Never Let Go

Letters In The mailbox

I Am


Take Our Chances

Get up & Go

Runaway Run

Running Man

Got a Hold on Me

World’s on Fire

A Song to Sing


Can’t Stop

Watch Over Me

If Only

Something Going Round

( * = each time I’ve heard that song)